White House Investigates New Financial Corruption Flick: "Stock Shock" Produced by Mohr Productions, Inc.

When a humble and dedicated U.S. postal worker was pushed into early retirement by the recent economic meltdown, he had no idea he would end up the star of a film, and on the White House radar.

Holywood, CA, September 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Richard Keane, Jr. was chosen to be the narrator of the new movie "Stock Shock" after producers at Mohr Productions, Inc. decided his story epitomized the impact of market manipulation on the average American investor. "I'm so thankful to have been selected to be a voice in the movie," says Richard, "people will be shocked when they learn what took place on Wall Street the last few years."

In late 2008, deprived of his postal income, but still determined to put his daughter through college Richard decided to take his chances in the stock market. While he didn't lose his shirt, he felt buffeted by the wild gyrations of the market. Feeling out-gunned by flash traders, naked short sellers and slick market makers, the retired postal worker began reaching out to government agencies for help. "I sent out over 50 letters to the news media and government officials demanding the truth be told, and telling them about the movie," he says.

Richard sent his letter to President Obama. He admits he never expected a call back. "I got the phone call from the office of the President of the United States," Richard remembers with pride. "I told them it was great that the SEC and President Obama were taking action to make sweeping changes in the financial world."

From bloggers to government officials, "Stock Shock" has resonated with investors who are rallying for change on Wall Street. Many viewers sent their DVDs into the Securities Exchange Commission with angry letters demanding protection from Wall Street bullies. Antony Richard Petrilla, Division of Enforcement at the SEC confirmed the offices have received copies of "Stock Shock" and the SEC public affairs office has been in communication with the film's director, Sandra Mohr. In the weeks that followed, the SEC brought its first case against "naked short sellers."

"Stock Shock" is the first of 3 films due out of Hollywood that target the U.S. Stock Market. Michael Moore will soon release "Capitalism a Love Story" and Oliver Stone has started shooting the film "Wall Street 2."

"I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be in a Hollywood movie telling the world about stock market corruption," says "Stock Shock" star Richard Keane, " I'm no star, but as the narrator of the movie, I am the voice of victimized military veterans, police officers, firefighters, teachers and the rest of the working class people of the world."

"Stock Shock" is available on DVD at Amazon.com or www.stockshockmovie.com

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Denise Hubbard
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