Broadway Star Sings for the Elephants in Music Video by Mohr Productions

Jo Anne Worley, of "Laugh-In" and "Wicked" fame, sings her heart out for the elephants in a new original song and music video. - March 03, 2010

Movie About Sirius XM Radio Gets Worldwide Distribution Deal Through Mohr Productions

Fans and investors celebrate Sirius XM's rise from the ashes, but will they thank Hollywood? - February 11, 2010

Rolling Stone Explains Role of Naked Short Selling in Financial Crisis - Mohr Productions, Inc.

Former DTCC operations manager Susanne Trimbath is interviewed by Matt Taibbi for his latest article in Rolling Stone. She blows the whistle on the world’s largest central depository by revealing that she warned them 15 years ago of an impending financial crisis. - October 01, 2009

Transgender Founder of Sirius XM Satellite Radio Interviewed in Movie Produced by Mohr Productions, Inc.

When director Sandra Mohr decided to make a film about the recent economic meltdown she had no idea she would soon meet one of the most unique and brilliant individuals on the planet. - September 18, 2009

White House Investigates New Financial Corruption Flick: "Stock Shock" Produced by Mohr Productions, Inc.

When a humble and dedicated U.S. postal worker was pushed into early retirement by the recent economic meltdown, he had no idea he would end up the star of a film, and on the White House radar. - September 15, 2009

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