The Improved Internet Caller-ID of Website Visitors for Lead Generation and Customer Retention Provided by LeadsExplorer

Lead generation and customer retention will improve by converting the Internet Caller-ID into the company name of the website visitor using the LeadsExplorer web service. No contact form needed for knowing the company name of the website visitor increasing the number of identified companies 10 times.

London, United Kingdom, October 09, 2009 --( The web service LEADSExplorer of Engago Technologies Ltd. has improved the converting of the Internet Caller-ID into the company name of the website visitor.

When receiving a telephone call people expect to see the name of the caller (or Caller-ID) on their telephone or handset allowing to ignore the call or to be prepared for the conversation.

A similar unique identification on the Internet exists (IP Address), which can be used to identify visitors on the website by company.

LEADSExplorer provides such a service not only identifying the company name, but also:
- The Internet origin (referencing website or advertising) or the search terms used
- The geographic location of the PC and the ISP location
- The language used
- The web analytics for each company
At the same time it allows reviewing the film of the pages visited to determine the visiting company's interest based on how long and which pages were visited.

This information is to be used for both lead generation and customer retention.

No online contact form required for knowing what company visits your website and why it visits.

Deploying LEADSExplorer requires no up front investments in software or infrastructure as it is a web service (On Demand).

LEADSExplorer handles a 'Pay as you Go' pricing and offers a 30 days free trial.

For further information please visit website LEADSExplorer

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