China Embedded Technology & Application Summit Forum to be Held in Beijing

The 6th (2009) China Embedded Technology & Application Summit Forum will be held at Park Plaza Beijing Science Park in Beijing, at 13:00 on September 17, 2009.

Shenzhen, China, September 15, 2009 --( The summit is jointly organized by CCIA and EVOC Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. with the theme of "Promoting development by science and technology, casting brilliance with innovation."

During the summit, world-renowned enterprises, experts, academics, heads and customers of government departments, telecommunications, urban transport management sectors, and the communication field, totaling more than 300 people, will be invited to the summit, and they will pleasantly gather together to brainstorm for the prospect of the development of the urban transportation and look into the future trend of China' s intelligent urban traffic which has a history of 60 years.

This summit, focusing on the intelligent transportation industry with the application of embedded technology to the intelligent transportation industry as the major subject, will systematically introduce the system applied to EIP products in current subway industry, including AFC, BAS, CCTV, PIS, and FAS and so on. Meanwhile, to the question of highway traffic, the summit will introduce the application of embedded technology system in the expressway, including the use of highway toll collection system without stop, highway communication monitoring and emergency rescue system, and freeway tolling systems. Finally the summit will introduce the wide application of the embedded technology to the construction of safe cities, and the safety monitoring systems in airports, railway stations, neighborhoods, the monitoring system of self-help banks, the urban information service system, and the monitoring systems of environment and temperature are included.

This summit is rich in contents with the main forms of lectures, interactive exchange and technique exhibitions. EVOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Intel (China) Co., Ltd., Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., and Synnex will give speeches, including the introduction to EIP technology, latest products of embedded hardware/software technology, the latest application of embedded technology in the transportation field, and the analysis of development trend of embedded technology. During the lecture, the guests can communicate with experts, industrial leaders and excellent manufacturers of embedded products face to face and analyze the development trend of embedded technology.

It is reported that Great Cause of Nation-Building produced by China Film Group will also be released on September 17, 2009. At the appointed time, the summit will also send out mysterious gift! Let us wait expectantly to witness the glorious embedded technology with Great Cause of Nation-Building.

Note: Great Cause of Nation-Building is a film telling the story of the founding of China, which has gathered more than 100 stars famous at home and abroad.

EVOC Intelligent Technology Company Limited
Rebecca Choi