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MOBBAL Official Website Launched

Zurich, Switzerland, September 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Aymer had launched the new and official www.mobbal.com website. Information about the new PC & Laptop keyboard technology is now available for reading on the website.

MOBBAL™ Technology™ brings a true liquid proof solution, not just water but any kind of liquid, basically since there is no circuit board under the keys and there’s no conductivity needed. Even dust and debris are no longer a problem, for MOBBAL™ Technology™ keyboards. On top of the non-controversial mechanical advantages, MOBBAL™ Technology™ also offer the added value of being electromagnetic emission safe technology, since the directionality of the beam helps ensure that data isn't leaked or spilled to nearby devices as it's transmitted, it is also immune to signals from other devices.

A matrix array of Infrared diodes is arranged in the perimeter of the keypad. The Infrared beams create the matrix in which combination of 3 beams blocked correlate to one specific key, ascertaining the pressed key.

MOBBAL™ Technology™ Advantages
Complete liquid and dust resilience: Located at the sides of the key pad, the MOBBAL™ IR transmittersreceivers are protected from any liquid that may penetrate the keyboard case. Since there is no circuit board or film or any need for physical connection or conductivity, sweetened drinks, dust and debris pose no threat to the MOBBAL™ keyboard.

Shockproof: MOBBAL™ keyboards can survive hard drops, hits to keys and harmful behavior while not affecting the functionality of the keyboard. With no point-of-touch, the keys can be pressed very hard or hit endless times yet the integrity of the system will not be compromised.

Longer life-span: Since the MOBBAL™ keyboard has no point-of-touch and no physical pressure consists, the life span of the keyboard is a minimum of 10 years proven.

Secure keyboard: A minimum to no electromagnetic emission MOBBAL™ keyboard offer security against wireless eavesdropping to the input device.

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