Author Releases Novel One Sacred Crown About Crown of the Andes

Indianapolis, IN, September 15, 2009 --( Author Linda Ferreri releases novel One Sacred Crown about legendary Crown of the Andes. Real Crown is center of new museum exhibition.

Author Linda Ferreri has published One Sacred Crown about the Crown of the Andes, a famous work of art. Kings and heads of state around the world admire the Crown as it makes its tour before auction. Simultaneously, a devious criminal bears down on its fate and that of the heroine. Who really owns this great piece, we wonder, as the story moves to its dramatic end. A twist of fate rearranges the destiny of the Crown and the people associated with it in this thrilling crime novel.

The real Crown, a baroque gold object holding the oldest and largest collection of emeralds in the world, was made in South America in the days of the conquistadors, for a statue of the Virgin Mary. Rarely seen in public, the Crown of the Andes is the star of a new exhibition entitled "Sacred Spain: Art & Belief in the Spanish World" at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, opening October 11, 2009.

Linda Ferreri is a well known art historian and international art lawyer, and the author of a whimsical novella set in Paris. One Sacred Crown is available in paperback and download formats at The author is available for interviews and book signings.

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