Blue Robin to be Awarded the Prestigious "Institute for Green Business Certification"

Waltham, MA, September 15, 2009 --( The Institute for Green Business Certification, Inc. (IGBC), and its Small Business Division, Uniform Standard For Green Business Certification, (USGBC), is pleased to announce, that Blue Robin, Inc. of Waltham, MA has achieved a “Green Business Certification” from IGBC, demonstrating Blue Robin’s total commitment to their community’s environmental health and well-being.

The Institute for Green Business Certification provides consulting to businesses and organizations regarding environmental management and sustainability. Their multiple page audit is becoming the standard for what it means to be a Green business. IGBC certifies "Green" businesses and organizations, large and small. IGBC's Sustainable Program defines key areas and specific guidelines in categories such as recycling, water conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction and "environmentally friendly" purchasing. IGBC is believed to be the oldest organization of its kind to certify business environmental practices. Blue Robin will be the first Software company in MA to be certified by IGBC.

“Creating an environmentally friendly work atmosphere improves the quality of life for our employees and communities,” states Hadi Shavarini, CEO of Blue Robin. “Our green policies add up to a massive savings of energy and raw materials in our day-to-day business. We not only practice good environmental policies at Blue Robin, we also help our clients achieve a paperless operation using our web-based workflow-driven business automation systems. It is essential for all businesses to consider good environmental policies to be as important as their bottom-line strategies and to implement achievable goals toward lowering their carbon foot prints.”

Blue Robin provides and supports adaptable web infrastructures for businesses and organizations with 2 to 200 employees. Their cost effective web-based business automation solutions enable their clients to streamline their business processes, gain efficiency and accelerate their growth by leveraging the IT evolution.

To discover the significants and the impact of an IGBC certification, please contact:
Hadi K. Shavarini, CEO
Blue Robin, Inc.

Blue Robin, Inc.
Judith Stolpner
Hadi Shavarini, CEO Blue Robin