Interface & Innovation Conference Focuses on Start-Ups and Best Practice Web 2.0 Technologies

Announcement: 2 Day Web 2.0 conference covering web 2.0 interface and innovations. Covering social networking, blogging, cloud computing, security, mobile web, ecommerce, and showing 'How To' make your business successful with Web 2.0 innovations. 6 Entrepreneurs will be invited to the event to pitch their business innovations to the audience and to angel financiers and VC's. Winning businesses will enter into further discussions with the invited financiers/capitalists.

London, United Kingdom, September 16, 2009 --( Encompassing innovation and user interaction with the web 2.0 phenomenon, Aries Forth announces the Web 2.0 ii Interface & Innovation Conference. The event is held at the Hilton Metropolitan Hotel, Central London on 3-4 December 2009. The conference is split into two key themes, interface: How users interact with web technologies; innovation: Present and future web innovations including presentations by web start-ups.

The conference will cover best web 2.0 practices plus present and future trends from leading companies. Subjects covered include social networking, blogging, cloud computing, mobile devices, mobile commerce, search engine optimisation, browsers, and social media optimisation.

"Announcing Web 2.0 ii Interface & Innovation will give a unique opportunity for start-up companies to engage with new audiences and showcase their innovations. The conference will convey present and future development of Web 2.0 with a landmark event in the making," said Carol Matee, Conference Director for the Web 2.0 ii Interface & Innovation. "Our focus at Web 2.0 ii Interface & Innovation Conference is to show SMEs and Enterprises how Web 2.0 can actually benefit business, scale and implement it. The Interface & Innovation event will be the first in a series of conferences providing solid case studies and interaction for professionals to move forward comfortable with implementing future Web 2.0 activities that bring in measurable ROI."

Six web entrepreneurs will be invited to the event, shortlisted from the first 200 received applications. From their live presentations, one successful business idea will be selected by the conference attendees for the People’s Award. A casting vote from venture/angel capitalists and Aries Forth will give €20 – 30 thousand in return for a percentage stake in the winning company.

Carol Matee conference producer said, “Innovation and future developments can be heard throughout the day with case studies with a potential new innovation witnessed at its making.”

The event is attracting interest from angel and venture capitalists. Further information how to get involved may be found on the conference’s homepage.

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