You Can Get a Free Lunch in Recruitment Software

The old adage, there is no such thing as a free lunch is not always relevant in todays world. A six sigma company, Truemen, launched a free top line recruitment package on the net recently. The company has launched the software on its portal catering to anyone doing recruitment. The recruitment software has packages for Corporates and different Consulting businesses, and e-enables the entire recruitment process giving information realtime.

Bangalore, India, September 17, 2009 --( Yes. In this case, a free lunch is definitely in place. But, only for subscribers and users of the recruitment software.

Truemen, a 5 year old HR and Technology company has introduced a free Recruitment Software on their portal, This software will offer free Recruitment packages for different segments of the recruitment industry from Corporates to Consultants. The membership to use the software is free and includes unlimited logins and free usage of database space upto 5 MB. After 5 MB, database space is charged, though the charges seem reasonable. However, the free lunch stops with subscribers and users. There is no free lunch for advertisers, on whose revenue the software is provided free. Advertising will be in place on most pages, unlike traditional software packages. This is the first time that a top line Recruitment software is being made free. There are companies who offer free recruitment software modules, but these are very rudimentary in comparison to paid ones. Truemen's Recruitment software looks detailed enough to handle multiple logins and large amounts of data, just as a normal paid software would. If the subscribers are happy with the software, then this could herald a complete change in the way enterprise software will be sold in the future.

Truemen Management Consultants
Joseph Rasquinha