Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for WinForms Available as Open Source Project on CodePlex

Newton, MA, September 17, 2009 --( Telerik, a leading vendor of development tools and UI components for the Microsoft .NET platform, announced that Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for RadControls for WinForms (TCEK) has moved on CodePlex as an open source downloadable project. Being one of the first vendors to provide support for the CAB and the SCSF, Telerik is strongly committed to provide seamless and easy integration with the CAB framework.

“The interest in extending the TCEK has been so great that we decided to provide TCEK to the community as an open source project on CodePlex,” said Vassil Petev, WinForms Unit Manager at Telerik. “We believe this will give developers an incentive to provide updates to TCEK, which in turn to make the integration between RadControls and CAB more robust and trouble-free.”

The Composite UI Application Block (CAB) is a framework provided by the Microsoft patterns & practices team for developing smart client Windows Forms applications. It allows for dynamic loading of independent yet cooperating modules into a common shell. Since CAB is supporting only the windows components included with Visual Studio, Telerik has recognized the time-consuming task of developing support for third-party controls and is one of the first vendors to offer it with its Windows Forms suite. Telerik CAB Enabling Kit for WinForms provides integration of RadControls for WinForms with the Composite UI Application Block (CAB) and its underlying infrastructure.

The CAB kit comes with workspaces, classes, and adapters for major WinForms controls to enable the development of enterprise applications by using common patterns and practices. It contains all needed wrappers to start using RadControls for WinForms with the CAB framework immediately.

The CodePlex CAB project will be fully supported by Telerik and will be updated with each new Telerik release to guarantee that all latest Telerik versions are supported. Since Telerik CAB Enabling Kit has gone on CodePlex developers will be able to give their input in extending and facilitating the integration and support of RadControls with CAB. All uploaded change sets and updates submitted on CodePlex will be considered for inclusion in the Telerik CAB Kit when updating the main project.

Telerik offers the open source CAB Kit for download together with demos, technical documentation, forums and blogs to help RadControls for WinForms customers in the development process.

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Melissa Power