Free Poker Games Research Proves That Women Play Better Than Men

Free poker games site have come to the startling and for some (men), unpopular conclusion that women make better poker players than men.

London, United Kingdom, September 17, 2009 --( The massive growth in popularity of poker brought about by the online game has broken down a once very male preserve. Furthermore research and observation of free poker games by site strongly suggests that not only have women broken into the game they are now beating the men at their own game.

Nick Moseley, Marketing Manager for NoPayPOKER says "our free poker games and leagues definitely skewed towards women. They make up a much lower proportion of our membership than men yet win proportionally many more games and tournaments than the men." took a closer look utilizing academic sources to try and understand the discrepancy. The key question for marketing to find was: Is as a lower reward-lower risk free poker games site simply attracting women of higher intelligence who were taking advantage of more average men with sharper males preferring to play higher stakes games elsewhere?

The answer it appears is No
Sources including Dr. Louann Brizendine’s 2007 book "The Female Brain" and 1992 classic “Men are from Mars Women are From Venus” present solid case for feminine poker advantage.

Research results strongly point to the female brain being more adept at studying faces leading them to be able to determine facial tells during a poker game.

Also the area of the brain in the female that tracks gut feelings is larger and more sensitive then a mans giving woman a definite advantage in a game that so often relies on instinct.

In addition, the female brain is much less likely to get angry than a man. Men often become angry more quickly and rapidly than women. In poker terms they "tilt" more easily and this leads to game losing errors.

This greater composure will give women an advantage during a poker game. Women are more objective and make better decisions instead of reacting emotionally.

Finally, Dr Brizendine states that "the female brain is gifted at quickly assessing the thoughts, beliefs, and intentions of others, based on the smallest hints". This "6th sense" allows women insight into identifying a bluff, reading poker tells, and assessing someone’s style of play.

Overall, the woman’s brain functions do give women the advantage both free poker games and games of any stake and the results observed by back up the science. Nick adds "There are many excellent male poker players of course, capable of calm objective play and very intelligent. It simply seems that as a percentage of top players the women have built in natural characteristics that men must work hard to develop."

The message is clear, men playing free poker games at or stakes anywhere else especially live games should be aware that the pretty face may mask a dangerous opponent.

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