Still No Need for Government Run Plan But Texas Insurance Agents See Signs of Hope for Future

Texas Association of Health Underwriters Notes Changes in President Obama’s Address to Congress

Dallas, TX, September 17, 2009 --( The Texas Association of Health Underwriters (TAHU), a professional organization representing more than 1,700 health insurance agents from across the state of Texas, has issued a statement on behalf of its members in reaction to President Obama’s latest speech on healthcare reform.

“We feel there is still no need for a government run public option for health insurance, but President Obama has expressed willingness to compromise on this issue in the future and we feel hopeful that some type of agreement will be reached,” president of TAHU Rusty Rice said. “A public option may seem like a cost saving method, but when closely examined, another government run healthcare plan will only raise the cost of private insurance and crowd out all other alternatives.”

Rice went further to say that the pattern of systematically underpaying doctors and hospitals through Medicare and Medicaid programs have raised the average family’s premiums in Texas by $1,800 each year and a public option would only increase this growing expense.

“TAHU does agree with President Obama’s statements on the need for a meaningful malpractice reform,” Rice said. “The Department of Human Services has estimated that medical liability and defensive medicine reforms alone could save the healthcare system almost $500 billion dollars.”

The Texas Association of Health Underwriters executive committee has stated that controlling healthcare costs needs to be the focus for future reform endeavors so more Americans can afford quality health insurance. The organization expressed their agreement with President Obama’s proposal to eliminate pre-existing condition exclusions, however doing so will only drive up healthcare costs unless all Americans, including healthy individuals, own a plan. The Association also supports providing tax subsidies for low income individuals and small business owners who cannot afford to offer health insurance to employees.

“Most Americans like their private health insurance coverage and want health reform to strengthen and build upon what is working, and make changes to what’s not,” Rice said. “As TAHU’s president, I want to continue working with the Administration and members of Congress to express the real-world perspective and share our experience to help enact sensible, bipartisan healthcare reform.”

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