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The renowned personalized gifts site has introduced its Gift Certificates. These are especially suitable for visitors who wish to give their friends and beloved ones a better choice from the vast selection of gifts at the website. Picsquare Gift Certificates are easily purchasable and redeemable at the website and can be purchased in convenient denominations of Rs. 100 – Rs. 2500.

Bengaluru, India, September 18, 2009 --( Gifts have timeless appeal and bring along the message of love and affection. However in the present times of materialism, not many would appreciate the gifts that their friends or beloved ones have brought for them; however they still desire something as a gift to grace the occasion. To tide over such odd circumstances, the renowned gifts site has launched Picsquare Gift Certificates, whereby the tedious task of selecting a gift is at the receiver’s discretion. Folks can redeem gift certificates from and choose the gifts they desire. The value of the gifts they can purchase is equivalent to the value of the Picsquare Gift Certificates they redeem at the website.

"We understand the importance that people place on gifts. However, in the modern era, gift certificates are proving to be more valuable as they can be itself used as gifts for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and a variety of other events. People can choose Picsquare Gift Certificates of various denominations and present them to their friends or beloved ones, even if they are unable to pick up a suitable gift for them." says Kartik Jain, Co-Founder, believes that its gift certificates will usher in the convenience of choosing gifts. Folks will be able to make their own choice of choosing the gift of their own liking from the wide selection of gifts that are displayed online. This feature is particularly suitable if visitors are unable to pick a gift from the store catalogue themselves. In this case they can choose a gift certificate of a particular value that can make a perfect gift itself for their friends, thereby creating a special place in their thoughts.

The value of the Picsquare Gift Certificates is between Rs. 100 and Rs. 2500. To make it easy for visitors to send gift certificates to their friends, family, or beloved ones, Picsquare has introduced a very simple process. Users simply need to login to the website and select the certificate of the value they want to purchase or gift. Picsquare Gift Certificates are available in electronic form as well.

After writing their personal message for the gift certificate, they can choose the payment method from the payment options presented and checkout after making the payment. The recipient can then use the gift certificate by using a code sent by email or along with a password in case the recipient is not a user of Picsquare. In both cases, the users can use the gift certificate code at the checkout page to redeem the gift certificate amount.


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