Symtrax Launches Compleo Archivor 4.6 with Added Security Parameters

Compleo Archivor 4.6 gives users the ability to archive and search for multiple reports online, from any location. Taking traditional archiving a step further, Compleo Archivor 4.6 gives the ability to build multiple models, and set security parameters that comply with internal active directory modifications.

Boston, MA, September 18, 2009 --( Symtrax Corp. announces Compleo Archivor 4.6; a solution with a powerful search interface that allows users to query and search for archived documents from an internet browser. The previous versions of Compleo Archivor won customers over with its easy to use interface, fast and accurate searching capabilities via an internet portal, and a unique document labeling system that complies with customizable Meta tags set by the users. With ease of use at the forefront of our products Compleo Archivor 4.6 was designed to enhance archiving capabilities by incorporating user suggested features.

The new Archivor 4.6 gives users added functionalities in:

· Specifying groups through group management policies or Active Directory settings; for enhanced security for archived documents

· Building multiple models within Compleo Archivor to give users the ability to run queries on more than one document type

· Speed of archiving documents directly to a SQL server database

Compleo Archivor 4.6 has a user friendly interface that allows users to access their archived documents via an internet browser. Users can access archived documents from virtually anywhere in the world which is a big convenience to organizations with multiple offices. Compleo Archivor maintains tight security in this flexible environment by providing administrators the ability to set parameters that determine which users can access what information. They can also restrict access to certain files using the same model. Further restrictions can be placed as to which fields within a file can be accessed and so on.

If your company is using Active Directory you can specify groups to correlate to the Active Directory groups already in place. The direct link to Active Directory saves administrators time and money when changing security parameters for new or existing employees.

Compleo Archivor 4.6 has incorporated enhanced modelling capabilities to allow end users to build and run models on multiple document types in a single search. This means users now have the ability to run a model or an advanced search on any particular model type using any particular specified criteria. This gives users great flexibility when searching for particular archived documents. The new version of Archivor also supports opening multiple documents at one time and merging into a single PDF. If you choose to print these archived documents you only have to print a single document.

Compleo Archivor 4.6 utilizes a SQL server database to store all archived documents giving it increased speed when searching through a large number of archived documents. Unlike simple file indexing, Archivor uses keyword and phrase indexing and is able to find specific documents amongst hundreds of thousands in just a few seconds.

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