"Get Motorcoachified" Bus Wraps Hit the Road: Motorcoach Council Invites All North American Motorcoach Companies to Participate in Outreach Campaign

Participating motorcoach companies have the freedom to retain their own branding and identity while participating in the campaign. Operators can purchase a full-coach wrap, rear or side wrap, or bumper decal and may choose the decal color and messaging that resonates best with their particular demographic/region. The campaign’s diverse slogans act as a call to action to entice travelers to “Get Motorcoachified” today and experience the transformation/satisfaction one enjoys traveling by coach.

Denver, CO, September 18, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Motorcoach companies across North America have a bold new bus wrap to consider as they solidify marketing plans and budget this year. How will they stand out? How can they rise above the din of competing advertising messages vying for attention on the roads they travel each day?

For as little as $45 (estimated cost of one bumper wrap), a motorcoach operator can now join the Motorcoach Council’s public awareness campaign, and do their share to promote the motorcoach industry as a whole, change the perception of motorcoach travel and increase ridership in our country.

The “Get Motorcoachified” campaign gives motorcoach companies an opportunity to speak as one unified voice to cooperatively market directly to “untapped” potential riders and educate them about their services using coordinated advertising messages on the sides of 40,000+ vehicles – their rolling billboards – that travel our city streets, U.S. highways and byways.

The “Get Motorcoachified” campaign’s vibrant color palette, iconic graphics and catchy slogans were designed to amuse, educate, and intrigue while building consumer familiarity with the term “motorcoach,” as they make an impact on the road.

The Council believes Americans are ripe for change and looking for new travel solutions. “We need to inform the traveling public that we provide travel and transportation options that are comfortable, fiscally attractive and good for the environment,” said Heather Horton, spokesperson for the Motorcoach Council. “Motorcoach travel reduces our nation’s dependency on foreign oil, generates new employment opportunities and stimulates the economy,” added Horton.

To learn more about the benefits of motorcoach travel and related statistics visit www.GetMotorcoachified.com.

Motorcoach Council, Inc.
Heather Horton