Bread of Life Author Winner Torborg Encourages Everyone to Speak Right Words

Your words are more important than you might think. They will come back and effect you too so watch what you say.

Little River, KS, September 18, 2009 --( Bread of Life International Ministries is a ministry of excellence and integrity. The books that are published by them are scrutinized for Biblical truth and Bible experience. They check out everything that is written before they publish it for you to read it.

Winner Torborg has written a book called The Echo Effect after over 23 years of studying the subject of words spoken and careful observance of people all around him. The non-fiction book is a Biblically based look at how and why people speak the way they do and what happens because of their words. The book answers the six main questions about your words: 1) who will reap the results of your words, 2) what your should be speaking, 3) where your words go, 4) when is the right time to speak, 5) why you say what you say, and 6) how can you stop your words from coming to pass.

As the leader of Bread of Life International Ministries, Winner has started a site on the World Wide Web. He now reaches people around the world with uplifting and encouraging messages. And because he is a teacher also he had to become a consummate student of the Bible. Although now he resides in the Little River, Kansas area where he continues to write and minister he has traveled extensively; but his roots come from Ireland. He has been studying the effects of words ever since he had actually had his own word come back to hurt him.

The book may be purchased online through several Internet web sites including amazon and on Bread of Life International Ministies’ book directory.

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