Contest Offers Dog Owners Answer to Question: "What Kind of Dog do You Have?" hosts contest to award two Canine Heritage Breed Test kits using dog DNA to reveal mixed breed ancestry.

Austin, TX, September 18, 2009 --( If you have a mixed breed dog, you know the question. Whether walking your dog, visiting the vet, or meeting friends, sooner or later someone asks, “What kind of dog is that?” In the past, owners of mixed breed dogs relied mostly on guess, judging from clues in appearance and behavior.

Today, though, thanks to modern DNA tests, dog owners can know the mix of breeds that make up their dog’s heritage. To help two dog families in their quest for doggie ancestry, is hosting the “Guess My Grandpa” Dog DNA Contest. Sponsored by Canine Heritage® Breed Test, the contest will award two winners the Canine Heritage Breed Test which uses a simple swab test to collect cheek cells for DNA testing. The sample is then compared to over 100 breeds in an extensive databank to reveal the mixed dog’s heritage.

“We’ve always had shelter dogs so in the past we’ve wondered about the breeds that made up our dogs,” says Paris Permenter who, along with her husband John Bigley, publishes, a site that features tips for dog lovers. “We recently tested our dog Irie with this simple test we administered at home. We sent in the swab and knew her breeds in just a few weeks.” The test showed the importance of not just relying on looks alone; the dog that these dog experts thought might be a Lab-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix turned out to be Lab-English Coonhound-German Shorthair Pointer! will be selecting two entrants from the “Guess My Grandpa” contest to win the kit valued at $119.95. To enter, readers send in a photo of their mixed breed dog with some possible clues as to their dog’s breeds such as hair type, behavior, size and more. Entrants must be 18 years or older and must live in the US or Canada. readers then leave their best guesses as to the breeds. The male and female dog entrants receiving the most guesses will win the Canine Heritage® Breed Test. For complete rules and to enter the contest, visit The contest ends October 31, 2009. features articles and tips covering all aspects of life with your dog, from selecting a dog to raising and training your canine. Published by professional writers Paris Permenter and John Bigley, the site also offers a Celebrity Canines blog featuring red carpet canines, a Dog Tip of the Day, Dog News, dog-centric festivals, and more. Permenter and Bigley, who have authored over two dozen books for publishers ranging from Globe Pequot to Random House, live with their dogs in Texas.

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Paris Permenter and John Bigley