ChanceOL, China’s First RFQ Centered e-Commerce Company is Found in Beijing

ChanceOL, china's first RFQ centered b2b site is found. With its RFQ centeredness concept, ChanceOL will launch a revolution in b2b e-commerce.

Beijing, China, September 22, 2009 --( In 2009, ChanceOL was established in China. Since the very day of its establishment, ChanceOL sticks to its buying information centeredness concept. It will become china’s first RFQ centered site.

Founder of, Cao Lei is an entrepreneur who has been engaging in electronic and machinery business for many years. During his business journey to many places in china, he found that while a lot of small and medium sized enterprise can produce high quality products, these enterprises have difficulties in finding marketing channels. From then on, Cao Lei decided to set up an e-commerce platform on which those enterprises can communicate with each other and do business with each other in an effective and direct way.

Although there are a lot of b2b e-commerce sites in china, ChanceOL is really different in that it is RFQ centered which means the website only show real buying information. “By doing so, we aims at creating a convenient platform on which small and medium sized enterprises can do business with each other in a direct manner, without intermediary procedures”, Cao Lei said.

As a matter of fact, during the inception stage of ChanceOL, Cao Lei and his partners used to worry that ChanceOL’s RFQ centeredness concept may appear professional to its users. However, finally they decided to set up the e-commerce company despite the fact that e-commerce application level, for most medium and medium sized enterprise owners, is comparatively lagged behind.

“We believe that small and medium sized enterprise owners in china will gradually become professional at b2b e-commerce application. B2B e-commerce is becoming more and more popular in the world. Consequently, e-commerce user’s application level is also improving.” Cao Lei said, “You should not question about the future of b2b e-commerce development in China”, he then adds.

ChanceOL is different from other b2b sites not only in its buying information centeredness, but also in its pursuit of e-commerce integration. “RFQ centeredness is the basic concept of ChanceOL depending on which we are about to uncover and actualize our magnificent plan in e-commerce integration.”

“Specifically speaking, what we are going to do is to transfer every possible business procedure to the internet. As our up-to-coming plan, we will develop an on line bidding system and on site audit system in ChanceOL”.

Cao Lei did not give further details on online bidding system and on site audit service.

ChanceOL is a b2b e-commerce company in Beijing, China.

ChanceOL Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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