D. A. Karr

"The Legend of Pendyne": The Story About an Irish Thoroughbred

D. A. Karr’s two time winner of a Medal of Merit from the San Diego City Library Local Author’s Event and finalist in the San Diego Book Awards, “Best Historical Fiction of 2007 in San Diego”.

Encinitas, CA, September 19, 2006 --(PR.com)-- "The Legend of Pendyne: The King, The Boy, The Horse, and The Legend" charges into the book selling market. New, fresh and inviting, "The Legend of Pendyne" is a fictional historical expression of the timeless struggle for freedom, based on the 16th century Irish rebellion as the British Monarchy consumed Ireland and Wales. This story could be any one of the many stories during the violent transition of this period.

The battle scenes rival Randall Wallace’s Braveheart. Pirates in the midst of battle and plunder set the stage for a heart pounding experience. The craftiness of the wizards would bring mystical adventure to even a skeptic. Even the non-Irish reader could relate to the ballads and colorful characters. This spectacular adventure is filled with heartwarming messages of friendship, loyalty, courage, and faith. A King, a horse, and a boy become part of the future of Ireland and Wales in a journey of a life time.

In"The Legend of Pendyne," once a great knight and warrior, now an old man, Albert, the old stable master witnesses the uprising of the evil Black Guard who threatens the peaceful countryside of Pembrokeshire. Pendyne, the King’s own battle horse and a legend is the last of his kind. The old man hides a dark secret for many years and protected Pendyne. However, Pendyne is stolen and the old stable master and Donegal, his tracker, must find the horse and bring him back. Not knowing what was to come, they embark on a journey that the ancient wizards predicted.

Thrown into the start of the Irish rebellion, they encounter pirates, British spies, a slave boy, and the end of Ireland as the last battle is fought along side the British. Once savaged by war, Ireland and Wales falls to the British Monarchy. This defining moment marks the beginning of the ancient wizard, Ceracus of the Tallisan and the challenge of their faith and beliefs. Albert’s dedication to the honor and duty of being the last rightful King, struggles with his conscious to keep his faith and beliefs alive for Ireland.

Returning from this journey, Albert, Pendyne, and the boy, have no country to return to. Ireland and Wales was now England. Their country, their previous lives, their identities were gone. Knights and armor, battle horses and calvary were no more – obsolete as Albert, the last rightful King of Ireland was obsolete. His duty defending his King and country was over. Not bitterly hardened against the British Monarchy, Albert and his protégé secretly take Pendyne and join the Gypsies that helped them. Donegal joined the English Crown as a Captain; however, he took part in the Irish rebellion against the Crown. And Pendyne – well... there was a new colt born that became the first racing Irish Thoroughbred to the Crown, named Navilus.

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Reading level: Ages 9-12, Paperback: 153 pages, Publisher: PublishAmerica (August 28, 2006)
Language: English, ISBN-10: 1424151619, Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches

D. A. Karr