Simple and Cost Effective Video Synchronization from Caltron Industries

Caltron Industries' introduction of video synchronization to digital signage. With this new feature, there is no need for expensive custom software or networking charges which makes Caltron's advancement of digital signage still Compact and Simple. With video synchronization there is no software to setup, no networking requirement, and no monthly service charge.

Fremont, CA, September 19, 2009 --( Setting up and configuring hardware and software for synchronizing multiple displays can be very costly and complicated. The added cost of networking and custom software can make this application cost prohibitive. Continuing with the goal of helping to make your application simple and cost effective to set up, Caltron has just added a video synchronization feature to the MP-1080A Full High Definition Standalone Media Player. With this new feature, up to 16 high definition TV’s can be synchronized without any networking and software. The solution comes with a pre-configured playlist and a pre-configured DSP text file.

Caltron’s MP-1080A is affordable, compact and easy to operate. The new added video synchronization feature will not require any Operating System configuration, no software to setup, no networking requirement, and no monthly service charge. MP-1080A works with any network switch box or crossover adapter in the market. Because no networking is required, set up is easy and trouble-shooting becomes simple as well. MP-1080A’s compact size (7.35” x 6” x 1”) and light weight (1.04 lbs) make it easy to attach to the back of any Television or monitor. Set up is as simple as connecting the MP-1080A via the VGA or DVI port to the TV or monitor and then connecting the network RJ45 port connector to a switch box. Then just power on and the whole synchronized system is ready to operate.

Idea applications include commercial video walls at retail stores, shopping malls, airports, train and bus stations, and multi-screen kiosks. The displays can be arranged vertically one below another, parallel, matrix style, or even randomly. Televisions or monitors either play the same or pre-edited synchronized contents which can be prearranged during content creation. Caltron offers a 2 minute video that shows you the basics of the setup and steps that demonstrate this cost efficient solution. Please contact Caltron for more information. Custom solutions are also available if the current standard synchronization does not meet your needs.

About Caltron Industries

Caltron Industries has been offering solutions for digital signage applications since 1997. Solutions include display solutions with touch options and media players. Display solutions come in 4 x 3 aspect ratio sizes from 6.5” diagonal to 19” diagonal and 2 wide screen solutions – 22” and 24”. Media players include the MP-01, a standalone VGA player, the MP-02 network player, and the new MP-1080A/MP-1080H high definition player.

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