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Remote Computer Hacking is a Thing of the Past - MOBBAL Technology for Keyboards is Launched

Zurich, Switzerland, September 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Born out of a dream, Aymer International Limited is making probably the biggest corporate quantum leap possible from total start up obscurity to what will become a household name. Expect their MOBBAL technology to become synonymous with keyboards just as Intel is with computer chips.

Aymer has completely re-invented the technology necessary for a computer keyboard to operate. The user won’t notice that it looks or feels any different from the previous one used but that user will have acquired a keyboard that is not only fluid and solid resilient as well as shock-proof but also one which is no longer capable of being hacked into by others whose motives are probably dishonourable.

Yes indeed, the MOBBAL keyboard (patent and trademark pending) technology is so innovative and different that it produces no electromagnetic emissions which are the source of a hacker’s ability to remotely interpret the “confidential” information being written via keyboard to computer (be it laptop or PC).

The difference is that MOBBAL Technology does not use the old striking keys that typewriters have used since the 1800s and are still used today. It cleverly uses a series of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which are intercepted by the keys. By using a triangulation method similar to a GPS navigation system, the keyboard is able to identify which unique key has been pressed. Not only that but it can even tell the order of pressing in the event of multi-key strikes.

It is anticipated that due to its unique features of security, safety from fluids, debris and shock, longevity (some minimum 10 years are estimated) and cheapness of manufacture, within a few years the MOBBAL keyboard will become the norm in the computer industry. Major manufacturers are talking to Aymer right now and who can blame them.

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