Bridge Builder Software - Releases the BBS.Great Plains Tool Kit for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Fargo, ND, September 24, 2009 --( Bridge Builder Software is pleased to announce the formal release of the BBS.Great Plains Tool Kit for the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system.

The BBS.Great Plains Tool Kit simplifies the process of migrating and integrating data with and developing custom solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The BBS.Great Plains Tool Kit consists of three components that make migrating, integrating and developing for Microsoft Dynamics GP smoother, faster and easier while minimizing the long term maintenance considerations.

BBS.Migration: Migrate data to Dynamics GP Historical Tables.

BBS.Integration: Extends the framework and default values of Dynamics GP making direct integration connections easy.

BBS.Framework: Enables developers to easily create and connect new add-ons to Dynamics GP.

The BBS.Great Plains Tool Kit relies on the latest technologies and completely changes the way partners and end-users currently migrate, integrate and create new solutions with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The use of Bridge Builder’s own Business Object Layers allows for the direct update of the Dynamics GP database.

The use of data access layers that dynamically adapt to change allows for minimal long term maintenance considerations with integrations to Dynamics GP.

The BBS.Great Plains Tool kit eliminates a set of old technology and development standards that have been in place for 20 years. Enabling partners and end-users to save time and money through the use of the latest technologies, BBS.Great Plains significanlty increases scalability and adaptibility with integrations, migrations and customizations.

About Bridge Builder Software
The team at Bridge Builder has been actively involved with the Dynamics community for over 15 years by providing development, customization, integration and migration services and solutions for Dynamics GP partners and customers. Bridge Builder’s experience stems from working for both Great Plains and Microsoft Business Solutions. Bridge Builder Software’s Dynamics ISV products include BBS.Migration, BBS.Integration and BBS.Framework. To learn more about Bridge Builder Software, and its products and services, please visit

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