New Fantasy Novel Chronicles Fate of Fawcetta

Dalian Artanian Takes Readers on an Odyssey Filled with Mystery, Deceit and Romance.

San Jose, CA, September 25, 2009 --( A prophecy that foretells the coming of a great evil will send the great empire of Adorya and its royal family into a whirlwind of betrayal and chaos in Dalian Artanian’s engaging new science-fiction novel, Fawcetta: Voices and Echoes of the Coliseum Volume I (published by AuthorHouse).

Fawcetta begins in the Redwood forest of Artyrius, where three friends, the Guardian Kaina; Princess Nerysta; and Prince Denucian are playing a game. But back in the palace of Adorya, Nerysta and Denucian’s father, Kalzein, is preparing for the worst. In light of a prophecy that foretells of a great evil that will swallow all love in the world and leave it a barren and desolate place, the emperor is making plans to protect the greatest asset of the planet Fawcetta – the Penakod. His family is unconcerned, only knowing centuries of peace, and chooses to delight over plans for Princess Nerysta’s birthday the following day.

Apart from the royal family, Kaina is interrupted by an apparition appearing within a waterfall. From the apparition a voice calls out, and Kaina realizes that it is the Voice, an almost godlike figure in Fawcetta, warning her of a dark storm approaching the planet. The Voice also reveals that she is a part of the planet’s salvation, a part of the myth that states that the seventh Gate of Penakod, and the world’s salvation, can only be opened by two soulmates willing to sacrifice their love. Unbelieving, Kaina is bewildered when the Voice presents her with a Boezein, a majestically powerful weapon that can only be bestowed upon a Guardian if they pass the trials of the coliseum. From this point on, Kaina must accept her fate and seek out her partner.

Despite the surety of the darkness’ descent, Nerysta must still face the rite of passage of every royal Guardian: to pass the trials of the coliseum. But the latter stages of the trials become unexpectedly difficult and dangerous until Bavius, the captain of the Alanian guards, is sent in to rescue her. Bavius succeeds but there are more calamitous events that will soon befall Adorya, turning them against each other at the hands of an unknown force. When the evil Anakhi and their queen launch an attack against Adorya, it will take every Guardian and the military to defend the empire. In the midst of this chaos, a family comes undone and the Guardian Kaina must make a choice concerning her soulmate should she ever hope to free the world and people she loves from darkness.

Epic journeys, battles and profound tales of love and loss abound in Fawcetta, a world of mystery, drama, deceit and romance sure to be entertaining for all readers.

Dalian Artanian was born in Midland, Texas, and currently lives in San Jose, Calif., with his wife, Ayumi. He has always had a passion for writing and sharing fantastic stories with others.

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Dalian Artanian