ArtFire’s Global Product Editor: Making Inventory Management Simple’s new feature allows members to quickly manage hundreds of products.

Tucson, AZ, September 25, 2009 --( To help members prepare for the busy holiday shopping season, ArtFire has launched their Global Product Editor for sellers. This simple-to-use tool allows artisans to quickly make mass changes to their inventory to run sales, adjust for changes in cost, and make seasonal changes. Such a useful and time efficient feature has never before been offered by a handmade venue.

With the Global Product Editor Management tool, Pro users on ArtFire will be able to easily change the price for a selection of their inventory to reflect a sale, or change their shipping costs to reflect an increase in postage expenses. They can quickly modify item titles and tags for search engine work and optimization, or move items into different studio categories for better organization. They can even use this tool to change where their items appear on the site, moving them into new gift guides, site categories, changing the primary color to allow for different results in ArtFire’s Search by Color feature, or setting different target genders and age groups.

“This tool will change the way artisans mange their inventory, making it easier for them to have complete control of their business,” said John Jacobs, CEO of “Artisans have been asking for this tool for a long time, and we were happy to be the first to give it to them.”

More about ArtFire

ArtFire is the premiere handmade marketplace on the web, and is known for its customer service and consistent innovation. ArtFire runs on a system of Community Directed Development, in which member feedback and suggestions are implemented into the direction of the site. On ArtFire, members have direct communication with developers and influence the types of projects built. This Global Product Editor was designed with member input to reduce the time required for artisans to manage their business during the upcoming holiday shopping season.

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Tony Ford, COO
ArtFire Inc.

Tony Ford