CLUB HAPPY DOG Announces Daily Dog Adventure Excursions for Oceanside, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla

Lucky Club Dogs Enjoy Mountain Trail Walks, Lake Duck Chases, Park Playground Romps and Beach Splashing Digs.

Carlsbad, CA, September 25, 2009 --( With CLUB HAPPY DOG's unique excursion outings, enrolled dogs enjoy multiple hours of stimulating social play and fun with other friendly pooches in the best of the great outdoors. Each day, lucky Club pooches are picked up from home to enjoy jaunts to local mountain trails, lakes for duck chases and swims, parks for romps and runs, or beaches for splashing in the tides and “digging to China.” Small dogs are grouped separately to prevent “accidental encounters with clumsy labs.”

Compared to a cruise around the block with a dog walker, each outing includes exciting destinations over a longer time span plus safe play with regular canine friends. And for fur kid parents who would otherwise deposit Fido at a day care center, the Club’s home pick up and drop off transport is more convenient and Fido is likely to receive far better exercise .

Club Happy Dog only accepts dogs who are friendly with other dogs and people. If a dog is simply “shy” from not being previously socialized, the Club will help the dog gain the confidence and assurance for learning to play with others. Service is not offered for dogs who are overtly aggressive, have a rough style of play, or are a breed which tends to be aggressive. To be accepted in the Club, a dog must be at least 4-1/2 months old, fixed if over six months old, healthy, current on vaccines, and on a flea/tick prevention program.

Club Happy Dog offers excursions seven days a week including holidays. Clients sign up for regularly scheduled days, but may also call as late as the morning of any unscheduled day for ad hoc additions if space is available. Home pick-up and drop-off is by Club Happy Dog’s dog loving team in their safe fleet of vans and SUVs. Clients are encouraged to help with the first pick-up to reassure their dog. After that, “It’s wise to stay out of their path because the dogs can’t barrel in fast enough to get wherever they’re going that day!” shares owner Donni Adams.

Starting a new dog in the service is a soft hand holding process. Club Happy Dog’s owner visits the home to meet the fur kid and owner, taking notes on the dog in his/her home environment and learning about the routine for safe yard or house pick up and drop off. She takes the new dog out the first time to rendezvous with the group, linking with her staff to provide one-on-one on-leash introductions to the regular Club members. In places like the dog beaches where dogs are free to play off lead but there is no fencing containment, any new dog is kept on a long retractable leash until he/she bonds with the pack and demonstrates coming when called reliably. Hikes are on leash, with two to three dogs per staff member. Owner Donni shares that “Some dogs meld into the group immediately, while others take several sessions to relax and mainstream into the fun.” Any new dog is never rushed but instead handled with compassion and patience.

Club Happy Dog receives referrals from professional dog trainers for providing puppies and juveniles with a safe path for learning socialization with other dogs, as well as for helping to solve a host of home issues like barking, digging and destruction which often result from boredom and insufficient exercise. Owner Donni Adams refers to the wisdom offered by Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer, to help clients understand dogs’ needs and the value of her service. "All dogs require exercise to lead balanced, healthy lives. A big yard is no substitute. Just because a dog is small doesn't mean he needs less exercise. Remember that dogs are animals, and animals need to travel and discover the world."

Owner Donni Adams has fourteen years experience in being the “alpha” of dog excursions, starting her prior Pacific Palisades based dog excursion service in 1995. Her staff of 12 picked up around 50 dogs a day in her van fleet for fun hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains, swims at clients’ beach homes, and socials at the company’s private Topanga play park home base. There were also snow day field trips and Big Bear holiday weekends. After each outing, the clients always received a “report card” telling them where their fur kid played that day and how he/she did, plus regular souvenir photos.

Donni’s Pacific Palisades business happily skipped along until the State of California acquired the home base Topanga property as part of a large tract to convert to park land. Donni took this as a sign that it was time to achieve her life dream of residing in the San Diego area, relocating to Carlsbad and now serving fortunate coastal dogs from Oceanside to La Jolla with the joy of excursions.

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Donni Adams