New Children's Book

Whirly, Twirly Topsy Turvy Day – New children’s book explores the frenzied pace of modern day society.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 25, 2009 --( Do you ever feel frazzled trying to get out of the door in the morning? Do you question how your children feel when you’re thinking: What Morning Is This?

Appropriately titled, What Morning Is This? The title of the new book by author Mahalia Solages, illustrated by Ashley Rosenblatt, explores the hurried pace of today’s world from the child’s point of view. Parents and children ages 2-6 will love the hustle and bustle of activity that comes to life on every page.

Sessie, the witty, spunky 5 year old in the family describes all the mayhem and chaos as Mama Sabina and Papa Lionel Lyon attempt to get everyone ready for school and work.

“This book is something both parents and children could relate to. It’s a real topic and it’s vibrantly illustrated” said Sarah Nau, teacher and home daycare provider. You can almost feel the Mom’s frustration as she simultaneously tries to pack lunches and comb her daughter’s hair.

Mahalia is touring South Florida promoting her book and made stops at Helen B. Hoffman library, and Pembroke Pines where she received rounds of applause from the crowds. It’s an energetic and engaging read for the whole family.

Mahalia Solages