The Big Bad Bank: Printed Manual Released Worldwide

The big bad Bank documentary series announced the release of The Big Bad Bank, the book, in manual form to a worldwide audience.

boulder, CO, September 27, 2009 --( The popular documentary series The Big Bad Bank, has been viewed around the world condemning the banking elites of the United States for various unscrupulous activities. In The Big Bad Bank: the Manual, these condemning assertions and allegations are once again shown and are now backed up with printed evidence and first hand information obtained by the documentaries’ creator, George Washington Hunt.

George Washington Hunt introduces the manual by saying, “I was an official host at the UNCED 4th World Wilderness Congress. I am educating the public to understand that a secret bank was set in motion by international financier Edmond de Rothschild. The bank will eventually be the only bank to exist as banks merge with one another into a larger bank. As the large and small banks topple toward large banks, where will it stop? The ultimate bank may be the Bank privee Edmond de Rothschild which was created in Geneva, Switzerland, a month after the aforementioned UNCED Wilderness Congress was held. It is presently known as the World Conservation Bank.”

The Manual also covers various issues such as the Club of Rome’s initiative for ECO-92 earth charter, which includes detailed information on an attempt to “reduce the world population” included in the manual as an actual excerpt from the charter.

George Washington Hunt, the host of The Big Bad Bank has strived to be as clear and factual as possible in the various DVD documentaries and the supporting as well as new information in the manual is an important addition to the Big Bad Bank series. The book is available at .

About The Big Bad Bank Documentaries:
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