A. J. Cronin’s Two "Missing" Novels Are Finally Published

Amazingly, two novels by bestselling 20th-century Scottish author A. J. Cronin, “Vigil in the Night” and “The Valorous Years,” have never been published in book form. They are now available in paperback from A. J. Cornell Publications.

New York, NY, September 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- In any list of available titles by beloved author A. J. Cronin, conspicuously missing are 1939’s “Vigil in the Night” and 1940’s “The Valorous Years.” Though these were serialized in magazines in the years they were written and also made into films, they were never published in book form (except in foreign translations).

Cronin was a doctor as well as a writer, and many of his novels, including his best-known work, 1937’s “The Citadel,” concern the medical field—especially the ethical dilemmas that confront doctors and nurses.

“Vigil in the Night” is the poignant tale of two nurses—of Anne, who devoted herself to serving others, and of her younger sister, Lucy, who meant to get everything in life for herself. When Lucy’s negligence causes the tragic death of a young patient, Anne takes the blame to protect her young sister—an act that threatens to destroy the brilliant nursing career that lies before her.

“The Valorous Years” is the moving story of a young man, Duncan Stirling, who, though his left arm is crippled by polio, is determined to become a world-famous physician. Woven into Stirling’s life are three unforgettable women—Margaret, whose charm and beauty cast a spell over him; Anna, a brilliant surgeon who wants to heal his useless limb; and Jean, the compassionate daughter of a kindly country doctor.

With his keen understanding of the human condition, his deep moral conscience, and his extraordinary narrative skill, A. J. Cronin imbues “Vigil in the Night” and “The Valorous Years” with all the qualities that have made his many other novels worldwide bestsellers.

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