New Light on Nonclassical Management

New Light on Nonclassical Management, a book about corporate management of EVOC Group has been recently published.

Shenzhen, China, September 28, 2009 --( New Light on Nonclassical Management, a book about corporate management of EVOC Group written by Yang Chao, has been recently published by Phoenix Publishing House. From Nonclassical Management, a best seller four years ago, to New Light on Nonclassical Management today, readers can witness the growth and evolution of an excellent enterprise --- EVOC, the market leader in the embedded and industrial computing industry. The new book as the update of the old one also lends testimony to a core value of EVOC: constantly striving for perfection.

What is nonclassical management anyway? Most books about management in the market center on management skills, regulatory framework or a certain functional department, dealing with only one perspective in which the author is interested. Nonclassical Management was different. It caused an immediate sensation among the reading public as soon as the book was released. Written by the general manager himself, the book is practical and littered with excellent case study examples. With a viewpoint inside the company, the author carried out in-depth researches about corporate management, ranging from the scope of management to prerequisites for each area of management, from organization to management skills, from the mission, structure to strategy of top management. The book basically centers on one single question: To be able to accomplish their tasks, what managers, especially those in medium/small sized enterprises, should be aware of or at least have basic understanding about?

"Constantly striving for perfection is one of the core values upheld by EVOC. We believe a saying, "change is an unchangeable market rule" , so there is always room for improvement in our work, product quality, services, as well as our management philosophy.", said Vice President of EVOC Group Bai Hongbo, "Since four years ago when we published EVOC Nonclassical Management, we have been through a lot and have garnered many honors and awards for our achievements, which can mainly be attributed to our continuous improvement and innovation! So now we have this new book, a huge improvement over the first one. To improve our work and ourselves, we must constantly reexamine ourselves and never stop learning!"

Developing a powerful corporate culture is crucial for any outstanding enterprises. EVOC has never copied the classical or successful experience of others. Actually, what we call nonclassical culture is none other than the EVOC culture. Maybe it is exactly this culture that explains why EVOC can grow from a tiny start-up to a listed corporation with 44 branches around the world.

Contents of New Light on Nonclassical Management


Chapter 1 The Story of EVOC
Section 1 The establishment and early years/ 2
Section 2 Getting listed on stock exchange/ 12
Section 3 A new undertaking: from "net profit" to "scale"/ 20

Chapter 2 Unique Strategy --- Advantages of Chinese Enterprises
Section 1 Strategic choice: conditioned market-orientation/ 30
Section 2 Brand strategy: move into overseas market/ 38
Section 3 Technological shift: advantage of a late comer/ 47
Section 4 Focusing on both market and technology/ 51

Chapter 3 Innovation Sets EVOC Apart as A Symbol of d-in-China
Section 1 Innovation is what makes an industry leader/ 60
Section 2 Innovation drives the company to grow further/ 71
Section 3 Innovation is the soul of hi-tech enterprises/ 78
Section 4 Informatization helps realize zero inventory/ 84

Chapter 4 Brand Building by Focusing on High Quality
Section 1 Quality over price/ 94
Section 2 Development of EVOC supply chain/ 99

Chapter 5 Non-classical Marketing Approach --- Off the Beaten Track
Section 1 Market survey --- always get prepared/ 116
Section 2 The customer is God/ 122
Section 3 Unique marketing principle/ 131

Chapter 6 Non-classical Human Resource
Section 1 Choose those who identify with corporate culture/ 144
Section 2 New approach to human resource management/ 151
Section 3 How EVOC people face challenges/ 162
Section 4 Best employee training in China/ 173

Chapter 7 Non-classical Management --- Unique Corporate Culture
Section 1 High efficiency achieved by unique management/ 188
Section 2 Organization behavior: downplay corporate hierarchy/ 193
Section 3 Core value: constantly striving for excellence/ 199
Section 4 Pay for your mistakes? --- From "penalty" to "reminder"/ 204

Chapter 8 Long-term Strategy --- EVOC´ s Growth Gathers Momentum
Section 1 Honesty, harmony and long-term sustainability/ 214
Section 2 EVOC´ s core ideology/ 220
Section 3 Growth means change/ 225
Section 4 EVOC maintains strong growth despite crisis/ 231
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