Psychsoftpc Offers NVidia 3D Vision Add-on to Psyborg Extreme Gamer PCs

Quincy, MA, September 28, 2009 --( Psychsoftpc is now making available the NVidia 3D Vision Kit as an add-on to all of its NVidia based Psyborg Extreme Gamer PCs, offering its customers a fully immersive 3D stereoscopic experience in many of today's leading pc games. The NVidia 3D Vision kit combined with any NVidia based Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC will allow the user to experience games as never before, making the user feel like he or she is actually inside the game. It's the closest thing to a holodeck most of us can get.

Forming the foundation for a new consumer 3D stereo ecosystem for gaming and home entertainment PCs, NVidia 3D Vision is a combination of high-tech wireless glasses, a high-power IR emitter and advanced software that automatically transforms hundreds of PC games into full stereoscopic 3D experiences. Designed to work with the new pure Samsung and ViewSonic 120 Hz LCD monitors, Mitsubishi DLP HDTVs, and the DepthQ HD 3D Projector by Lightspeed Design, Inc, 3D Vision unlocks crystal-clear, flicker-free 3D stereo imagery perfect for driving new experiences in 3D gaming, 3D movies, and 3D photography.

With the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC from Psychsoftpc and NVidia 3D Vision, players can walk the halls of Arkham Asylum, run from zombies in Resident Evil 5 or wander the wasteland in Fallout 3 with full depth of field, just like they were actually there. And with many games available that are compatible with the NVidia 3D Vision technology, the possibilities are endless. So if gamers are tired of living in a 2D world, they can step up to full 3D with Psychsoftpc and NVidia and experience virtual worlds in a whole new way. It's not the Enterprise, but it's still the early 21st century after all.

Psychsoftpc can be reached at or by calling 617-471-8733

Tim Lynch