Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar New Menu Makes It One of the Best Places to Have Steaks in Philippines

Great steak restaurant in Philippines is Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar which serves up a whole range of beef dishes from the real Kobe, then Wagyu, US Angus, Canadian Harris to Brazilian and Australian cuts. Yats Restaurant is one of the best places to have steak and wine.

Manila, Philippines, September 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- What makes Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar one of the best place for steak and wine isn't merely the choice of gourmet steaks that the restaurant offers but really the combination of a few essential qualities.

The preparation has to be correct. Most people make the mistake of assuming that cooking a steak is just about a throwing a piece of choice meat on a hot surface and removing it at the right time. When they discover it didn't work, they blame the disaster on the piece of meat. Cooking a steak is a lot more than that but that's the reason why diners go out to eat, right?

How many times have diners been given a set of totally wrong silverware with their steaks? Cutleries are important, nothing fancy, just the right kind of knives that will cut through the kind of meat served with minimal effort and maximum precision would do just fine.

Red wine with steak certainly works here but what kind of red wine? More importantly is the tannin level in the wine that the restaurant must address. If the steak restaurant puts up a large selection of steaks, why would it fail to have a large selection of wine for diners to choose from?

One thing to remember when ordering wine to pair with steaks in a restaurant or even at home, is the rarer you like your steaks done, the less tannin you can tolerate in your wine. Tannin and rare meat clash badly. If you like your steaks medium or medium-rare, choose a red wine that is at least 15 or 20 years old. Wine sheds its tannins (transformed into sediments inside the bottle) with age.

For more information, visit www.YatsWineCellars.com or email Restaurant@Yats-International.com.

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