"Goofy Things Girls Do To Get Guys, Part Encouragement, Part Good Laugh" Now Available

"Goofy Things Girls Do To Get Guys, Part Encouragement, Part Good Laugh" illustrates with warmth, wisdom and humor that getting the guy and finding love are frequently worlds apart.

Charleston, SC, September 22, 2006 --(PR.com)-- "Goofy Things Girls Do To Get Guys, Part Encouragement, Part Good Laugh" will have readers either laughing or crying or shaking their heads in wonderment. Married readers will certainly want to kiss their spouses. Single readers might cringe at seeing themselves or even recognize a few friends.

Toby Smith, a minister at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in North Charleston, SC., uses real life (but family friendly) examples to illustrate lessons about dating and relationships, love and loss, and moving from brokenness to wholeness. Her book teaches, inspires and encourages at every turn, while providing more than a few good laughs.

For example, the chapter on "Mental Mistakes" is for those who are too eager, too controlling or overly romantic. Here are a few excerpts:

"Being Too Eager...So it is when you meet a guy. When you meet a man who has teeth in his mouth, hair on his head, a car with a motor, and relatively stable employment, you immediately get on the cell phone, during peak time, no less, and instruct your mother to book a hall for the wedding. 

"Being Overly Romantic...Oh, this used to be me. I was the person who sent the sweet cards, e-cards, hug-o-grams, candy, chocolate, the little soft critters, inspirational sayings, cookie bouquets, e-mails with smiley faces, and all things gooey and I usually sent all this before eight weeks had gone by. 

"Controlling the Sun, Moon, Stars and the Pace of the Relationship...When I sensed that his interest was waning, I tried everything to get HL back. More stupidness. When he would call, I wouldn't answer the phone. Then, I would pout if he didn't leave a message. I sent e-mail messages and cards telling him how much I missed him and then got angry if he didn't respond. I was just trying to control, control, control and he wasn't budging. After several months, I decided it was time for our relationship to move forward. I decided." 

And that's just the beginning. There are also sections on Mouth and E-mail Mistakes, Money Mistakes, Moral Mistakes and Image Issues. Smith is a gifted storyteller who slowly draws you into the wacky and wonderful world of finding someone, losing someone and all the madness in between.

"Goofy Things Girls Do to Get Guys" will make a wonderful gift for all the singles in your life. It is indeed part encouragement and part good laugh. It is available at Barnes & Nobles nationwide or visit iuniverse.com, select the bookstore tab, search "goofy."

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