and John Martelli to Air Kool and the Gang's Come Back Interview

Old school musical group Kool and the Gang are making a come back and will be featured on Finding The Band TV with a tell-all interview about their new upcoming release as well as their comeback to the music scene.

New York, NY, September 22, 2006 --( and music mogul John Martelli, an A&R director who has worked with many great R&B old school legends, are proud to announce the premiere of Kool and The Gang announcing their comeback and new album on Finding The Band TV. This special will air in October on Finding The Band TV.'s founder Kia McClain, and MPI's founder, John Martelli could not be more honored to officially be named the promoters of Kool and the Gang's come back and new album. Kia McClain states, "It’s an honor to have such a great privilege. I have listened to Kool and the Gang since I was a baby. My mother always played several old school records and I really enjoyed their music. My favorite song in particular is, "Get Down On It." It seemed as if my mom played it every weekend." will select 10 indie artists to be featured during this broadcast who have a unique, clean sound, who are also fans of Kool and The Gang. They will be asked to select one of Kool and the Gang’s songs and make it their own in an honorary tribute to Kool and the Gang's many great accomplishments and gifts to the music industry over the years. Kia McClain views Kool and the Gang as the forefathers of hip hop and hopes that this broadcast will motivate the youth of America to realize the roots of hip hop.

Kia McClain states, "I am deeply saddened when I watch the kids rendition their version of hip hop. Hip hop definitely is not what it used to be. I hope that one day traditional hip hop will be popular again and I will do everything in my power to make that happen. There are so many talented artists out there who are doing a disgrace to something that was once very beautiful. When I was a little girl hip hop was about having a good time and having fun. Artists were judged by true talent, not how many times they have been shot, stabbed, or almost killed, or how shocking their lyrics were. I want to see more songs like "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, start to emerge out of the rubble of hip hop. "Summertime" was the coming of age song for me, I was just coming out of Jr. High on my way to high school. It is a classic and always will be."

This event will also officially kick off the battle of the bands and stars competition at The ten artists selected to perform Kool and the Gang’s music will be the first round of talent on the competition. Of the ten, the one America selects to be the best will win a recording contract with and John Martelli's newly formed online record company. To our knowledge this is the world's first official online record company. Once again proves that it will be setting new industry trends that will shift the entire music industry, as well as keep it at the forefront of music happenings all over the world.

Kia McClain