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Midwest Industrial Supply’s EnviroKleen® Dust Control Agent is Environmentally Safe, Pure and Highly Effective

EnviroKleen® is a technologically advanced dust control agent that is environmentally friendly and versatile.

Canton, OH, June 29, 2005 --(PR.com)-- EnviroKleen®, manufactured by Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., the leading developer of dust control products, is a technologically advanced dust control agent that is environmentally friendly and versatile.

EnviroKleen is a crystal-clear formula that is readily biodegradable in natural environments and is non-toxic to humans, animals, annelids (i.e. earthworms), marine and plant life. EnviroKleen virtually goes unnoticed; it is oil-sheen-free, colorless, odorless and does not require water for application. In addition to being environmentally safe, EnviroKleen is economical because it is long-lasting and requires fewer applications.

EnviroKleen also is unique because it is created to not track onto public roadways, stick to vehicles or onto materials that are placed on treated surfaces.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications, EnviroKleen is applicable to surfaces with varying traffic volume. It adheres to clay, sand, gravel, limestone, mixed aggregate and most native soils, regardless of weather conditions.

EnviroKleen can be used for a variety of applications such as desert construction, tank trails, gravel runways, steel mills, underground mines and truck terminals.

For over 29 years, Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., has improved customers’ operational efficiency and operation costs while achieving environmental integrity and compliance in a variety of industries. With innovative, industry-leading products and application services, Midwest Industrial Supply develops high-quality products for dust control, road stabilization, erosion control, soil stabilization and anti-icing/de-icing.

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