Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.

Midwest lives in, manufactures for, and delivers Earth-conscious solutions around the world to clients in the quarry, mining, construction, iron/steel, rail/mass transit and dozens of other industries whose success depends on overcoming dust, erosion, ice, or unstable soil conditions.

In every part of our business from hiring to product development to service, we aim for the impossible – perfection – so we can deliver what our clients want: environmentally gentle, regulatory-compliant applications that work.

Pushing the envelope is part of our corporate DNA, and we strive, always, to develop cutting-edge processes, products and services; stay on top of the learning curve, and educate our customers for our mutual success. For 35 years, our hands have worked alongside those of our customers to get every job done right. We have no stomach for unsolved challenges in our quest to provide the follow-up, machinery, and knowledge our customers need to move their work forward.


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