Market Introduction of the SilverSchmidt Concrete Test Hammer

Proceq launches the new SilverSchmidt Concrete Test Hammer, integrating mechanics, transducer and interface/display electronics in a compact lightweight body.

Singapore, Singapore, October 11, 2009 --( Addressing the industry need to create a concrete test hammer that can deliver accurate readings on virtually any concrete from any direction, on any surface without the need to compensate for impact direction, Switzerland-based Proceq announced today that it has launched the new SilverSchmidt concrete test hammer.

The Swiss-made SilverSchmidt is ergonomically designed and offers unprecedented benefits when measuring the compressive strength of on-site concrete structures. The SilverSchmidt measures the true rebound coefficient (termed “Q”-value) and converts it to compressive strength. The instrument is controlled via a graphic user-interface featuring a single button and inclination sensing.

Features of the SilverSchmidt include: extended range, improved ease of use and more reliability, as well as higher readability. The SilverSchmidt comes with various modes of statistics, built-in corrections for carbonation, and up-to-date conversion curves for a variety of modern concrete mixtures. The SilverSchmidt complies with most international standards. To assure the compatibility with the established standard, the unit and displays the “R”-value.

Proceq’s Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Marco Brandestini, stated, “The SilverSchmidt opes the door to a new era in non-destructive compression testing. Our dedicated team of designers and engineers has brought together the latest and best technology to present the international construction industry an instrument which not only gives greater reliability than before, but is also fun to use.”

As with all Proceq equipment, sales and full service support for the SilverSchmidt is available from Proceq locations worldwide ( Other products within Proceq’s concrete line; the ORIGINAL SCHMIDT and DIGI_SCHMIDT concrete test hammers; the PROFOMETER 5+ rebar locator and concrete cover meter; the TICO, the CANIN and the CYNA testers.

Proceq SA was founded in April 1954 in Switzerland. Its name is a combination of the words “Processes” and “Equipment”. The company has been marketing the ORIGINAL SCHMIDT concrete test hammer from its very beginning, making non-destructive testing of compressive strength possible for a wider user group.

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