Keithley's New RF Vector Signal Generator Provides Industry's Best Combination of High Throughput and Low Phase Noise

Keithley Instruments, Inc., a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, announced today that it has upgraded its popular RF Vector Signal Generator line for RF engineers with new capabilities.

Cleveland, OH, November 02, 2009 --( Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE:KEI), a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, announced today that it has upgraded its popular RF Vector Signal Generator line for RF engineers with new capabilities that reduce signal generation times and enhance signal quality. In contrast with competitive signal generators, which typically force users to choose between best signal quality and maximum test throughput, the Model 2920A’s no-compromise design combines both capabilities in the same instrument. Patent-pending technology allows the Model 2920A RF Vector Signal Generator to support both frequency and amplitude switching rates that are significantly faster than any competitive system. Unlike systems optimized either for development or production, the Model 2920A is a cost-effective solution whether used on the bench for design verification testing or in production testing.

The Model 2920A is optimized for calibrating and testing components such as amplifiers, filters, and wireless receivers thoroughly over their full range of performance at exceptional speed. Several major advances allow it to provide substantially higher test throughput than earlier signal generation options:
· Industry’s fastest frequency tuning
· Industry’s fastest amplitude switching
· Waveform switching in a single clock cycle
· High speed signal file transfers

Users have the flexibility to create waveform files offline and download them into the Model 2920A’s arbitrary waveform memory using a USB memory stick or the GPIB or LAN interfaces. This transfer flexibility will be useful for those who prefer to employ third-party tools to create signal files, such as The MathWorks’ MATLAB® interactive programming environment.

The Model 2920A’s enhanced speed performance doesn’t compromise its phase noise performance. Unlike competitive signal generators, which are typically designed to maximize either throughput (for production test applications) or signal purity (for design verification applications), the Model 2920A includes new capabilities that allow optimizing for whichever performance aspect is most critical for a specific application:
· Ultra-low phase noise option
· Low amplitude range option

The Model 2920A is the latest addition to Keithley’s MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) testing system solutions. MIMO signals can be easily generated and analyzed by using Keithley’s SignalMeister™ RF Communications Test Toolkit software and Model 2820A Vector Signal Analyzers in conjunction with Model 2920As. When used in conjunction with the signal personalities provided in SignalMeister software, it is not only capable of generating pure signals but can generate impaired signals for in-depth receiver characterization and testing.

Model 2920A Applications. Applications include R&D, product development, and production testing of a growing range of wireless products such as femtocells, access points, mobile devices, wireless modules and air cards, and wireless chipsets. The Model 2920A’s operating mode flexibility makes it an excellent choice for MIMO device and system R&D applications, as well as in engineering education settings.

The Model 2920A RF Vector Signal Generator is priced at $17,850 USD (4GHz version) or $23,460 USD (6GHz version). The Model 2920A’s combination of high speed and high quality signal generation performance makes its pricing even more competitive because users can perform multiple applications with the same instrument—from design verification testing to production testing—extending the usage of each unit purchased. Option prices, whether the ultra-low phase noise option or optional personalities tailored to various telecom standards, are also at or below the cost of competitive solutions. Orders are being taken now for delivery in six weeks.

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