New Opalesque Roundtable. Will London-Based Hedge Fund Managers Move to Switzerland?

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher on alternative investments, has released its new 2009 Opalesque U.K. Roundtable. In this 24-page document, the leading London-based hedge fund managers present at the Roundtable remain to the most part strongly committed to the U.K. as operational base, despite tax increases and tightened regulation.

London, United Kingdom, October 15, 2009 --( The 2009 Opalesque U.K. Roundtable was sponsored by Newedge Prime Brokerage Group ( and took place at their London office with:
1. Anthony Ward, Co-Founder of Armajaro and non-executive Chairman of Armajaro Trading Limited
2. Aref Karim, Founder, Quality Capital Management
3. Douglas Shaw, Managing Director Proprietary Alpha Strategies, BlackRock
4. Duncan Crawford, Head of Capital Introductions, Prime Brokerage Group, Newedge Group
5. Emmanuel Roman, Co-Chief Executive Officer, GLG Partners
6. Giles White, Partner and CIO, MaxCap Partners
7. Lawrence Staden, Founder, GLC
8. Max Gottschalk, Senior Managing Director, Gottex
9. Oliver Dobbs, CIO of Portfolio Management, CQS

When Opalesque published its first U.K. Roundtable in June of 2008, the hedge fund industry still had the worst storm ahead. Now, one year after the unforgettable events of Q4 2008, the industry is still restructuring, but the survivors move strongly forward.

In this new Opalesque Roundtable, the participating hedge fund managers and hedge fund investors elaborate on:

· How did some of the largest UK hedge fund operations fare during 2008?
· What changes were implemented thereafter?
· What are the opportunities hedge funds and their investors are focusing on right now?
· How to set up and use managed accounts?
· Will investors embrace UCITS 3 funds which are increasingly launched by alternative asset management firms?
· The Pros and Cons of being a public hedge fund manager
· How do U.K.-based managers react to the AIFM Directive?
· With personal income taxes reaching 50%, who will be migrating to Switzerland?

The 2009 Opalesque U.K. Roundtable can be downloaded here:

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