Opalesque Roundtable Chicago: Dramatic Increases of Activity, Interest and Investment Options in Hard Assets

Many are receptive to the idea of investing in gold in order to hedge against various types of uncertainties, including financial crises, unintended consequences of QE, fiat currency risk, or purchasing power, among others. - November 14, 2013

Herding, Performance Chasing and Committee Structures are the “Three Maladies of Institutional Investing”, According to a Roundtable of Financial Experts in Stockholm

The other malaise that affects investors more often than not is performance chasing. If you go beyond the surface, investors' reasons to invest or not to invest with a certain manager in many cases boils down to chasing past performance. - November 01, 2013

Herding, Performance Chasing and Committee Structures: The Three Maladies of Institutional Investing - Opalesque Roundtable

The other malaise that affects investors more often than not is performance chasing. If you go beyond the surface, investors' reasons to invest or not to invest with a certain manager in many cases boils down to chasing past performance. - October 19, 2013

French Institutions Show More Interest in Hedge Funds - France Roundtable

For the last five years, hedge fund performance has been below its historical average, and most institutions in France did not increase their allocation. - July 14, 2013

Opalesque Roundtable: Changed Capital Flows in the Gulf

In the old days, a lot of capital would flow to overseas markets. Today, significant capital is staying in the Gulf and funding local funds and projects. - July 11, 2013

London Roundtable: Breaking Models and Innovation: Investors Demand Pan-Alternatives View

Combinations of real assets, private equity and hedge funds are viewed as all part of a continuum for an overall alternatives exposure within portfolios. - July 05, 2013

Australian Hedge Funds Blessed with Healthy Retail Inflows & International Interest - Opalesque Roundtable

Australia is a center of excellence for funds management. In the last three to four years, five times more funds were established in Australia than shut down. - June 21, 2013

Opalesque Hong Kong Roundtable - High Net Worth Investors May Offer Biggest Growth Potential for Hedge Funds Today

The high net worth sector may well offer the biggest growth potential for the hedge fund industry today, in Asia and elsewhere. - June 06, 2013

Background: What Drives Hedge Funds to Florida

National and international media reports have highlighted hedge funds setting up or moving to Florida. This Opalesque Roundtable adds relevant background information about this trend and hedge funds located in Florida. - February 21, 2013

Small, But Beautiful - Canadian Hedge Funds

Investors in Canada are finally beginning to appreciate the need for alternatives as complements to their traditional assets. The assets of Canadian hedge funds grew from $12 billion to $30 billion. - October 05, 2012

How Can Investors Achieve Diversification Today? Asset Concentration Into Large Managers Not the Way

Why and how to invest in a diverse portfolio of active strategies and also addresses the issue of asset concentration into the largest, most well-known firms. - September 28, 2012

Discrete Monaco Family Offices Display Substantial Demand for Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments

The Opalesque Monaco Roundtable dealt with important aspects of wealth management, private banking and how to run investments post (or pre?) crisis. - July 26, 2012

Hurdles and Rewards - High Frequency, Quant and Algorithmic Trading in Asia (Opalesque Hong Kong Roundtable)

High frequency trading (HFT) is a subset of quantitative trading, and in fact many low frequency trading strategies are traded via algorithms, which distribute orders in slices. - June 10, 2012

French Hedge Funds Say AIFMD is a Success, But Regulator Warns Financial Stability Board's Involvement in Regulations May Result in New Concerns

Participants at Opalesque's third France Roundtable, held in April 2012 in Paris believe that AIFMD will have a major impact on the hedge fund industry in Europe. - May 10, 2012

Emerging Hedge Funds Generate More Statistically Significant Alpha and Less Significant Beta Than Traditional Assets

New quant study says Emerging Hedge Funds generate more statistically Significant Alpha and less Significant Beta than Traditional Assets, but Cornish Fisher modification to Value at Risk potentially wrong almost half the time. - January 29, 2012

Opalesque Launches World's First Video Show on Uncorrelated Investments

The show’s host Mark Melin explains “Uncorrelated Investments Show” uncovers market environments with deep analysis of macroeconomic trends and its impact on uncorrelated investments. - December 31, 2011

Opalesque Launches "Futures Strategies," Its Second Premium Research Publication on Managed Futures and CTAs

Opalesque has launched Opalesque Futures Strategies to help Qualified Eligible Participants and Accredited Investors to invest in and benefit from Managed Futures and CTAs. - December 14, 2011

Leading Managed Futures Researcher Mark Melin Joins Opalesque as Editor of Opalesque Futures Intelligence Publication

Mark Melin has been appointed as Editor of Opalesque Futures Intelligence (OFI), the leading research publication on Managed Futures and CTAs launched by Opalesque in February 2009. “Managed Futures assets are now close to $300 billion and there are compelling reasons for further growth of... - November 19, 2011

New Opalesque Emanagers Index: Emerging Hedge Fund and CTA Managers Still in Positive Territory Year to Date, Returned 60% Since 2009

Please take note of this important press release. Emerging managers keep outperforming their older peers. For example, emerging managed futures funds are having an outstanding year so far, returning 12.2% through September. - November 05, 2011

"Alternative Alternatives" Investment Funds Gained 1.92% in April, +2.38% YTD

The Opalesque A SQUARE Index posted its strongest month so far this year, gaining* 1.92% in April. - June 02, 2011

"Alternative Alternatives" Investment Funds Lost 0.14% in March, +0.66% YTD

The Opalesque A SQUARE Index lost 0.14% in March after an estimated gain of 0.8% through February, bringing the year-to-date performance to +0.66%. - May 07, 2011

"Alternative Alternatives" Investment Funds Start 2011 Slightly Negative, Returning -0.55% in January After Double Digit Returns in 2010

Opalesque Ltd., a leading provider of online information services to the alternative investment industry, today announced the preliminary results of the Opalesque A SQUARE ('alternative-alternatives') indices covering the performance of niche alternative investment funds. The indices are calculated based on the net performance of 591 single- and multi-manager funds currently listed in 22 categories in the Opalesque Solutions A SQUARE Fund Database. - February 27, 2011

Opalesque CT Roundtable: Industry Moves from Asset Allocation to Risk Allocation, Risk Measurement to Real Risk Management

About one third of the global hedge fund assets are managed from Connecticut. For the second time, Opalesque founder Matthias Knab came to Greenwich to hold an Opalesque Roundtable there. - December 08, 2010

The Heart of a Hedge Fund: Idea Creation, Execution and Risk Management

Opalesque's third annual New York Roundtable has once again assembled an unique group of alternative asset management experts, ranging from a $12 billion hedge funds to an emerging manager. The animated Roundtable discussion highlights one of the most important aspects of active money management: idea creation, execution and risk management. - December 01, 2010

Opalesque Broadens Multi Media with Opalesque Radio Focusing on Risk and Portfolio Allocation

Opalesque, the premium provider of alternative investment news, information and analysis, has broadened its multimedia offering with the launch of Opalesque Radio on its website www.opalesque.com. - November 11, 2010

Cayman on Track to Register 1200 Hedge Funds in 2010 While OECD Further Strengthens the Island's Recognition

Offshore hedge fund jurisdiction Cayman Islands expects to register 1,200 new open-ended funds in 2010. This is the same figure as in 2009, bringing the total the number of Cayman hedge funds back to the pre-crash level of 9,589. - November 10, 2010

Opalesque Hong Kong Rountable: Eight Local Veterans Say Best Ideas Are in Asia

The Hong Kong hedge fund industry now contains a more experienced crowd of managers, but also more emerging managers, who use a greater variety of strategies and instruments, says a panel of eight Hong Kong based hedge fund specialists who participated in a recent Roundtable organized by Opalesque. - October 28, 2010

Already 30,000 Read Weekly Versions of Industry-Leading Daily Opalesque Publications

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher covering the alternative investment industry, has launched five free, weekly versions of its market leading financial publications. Opalesque was formed in 2001 to provide professional news services to participants in the alternative... - October 23, 2010

Opalesque Zurich Roundtable - Essential Updates for Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund Investors

“Relocating to Switzerland”: Experiences of New York and London hedge funds who moved here. Recently, an increasing number of hedge fund managers have either launched funds from Switzerland or moved their whole operation into the country. They benefit from the presence of those end-investors: not only represent the Swiss pension fund and insurance industries a lot of capital, but more importantly, this group has endorsed hedge funds relatively early on. - October 13, 2010

Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass Says "Greatest Trade Ever" Will be Japan, Coming Debt Crisis Will Result in Huge Shifts of Wealth in U.S., Europe

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher covering the alternative investment industry, has launched the 31st issue in a series of regional roundtable forums - the inaugural Opalesque Texas Roundtable. The 29 page Roundtable publication can be downloaded for free at: http://www.opalesque.com/RT/RoundtableTexas.html. - May 26, 2010

Opalesque Launches CAMPUS Video Interview Series with Leading Academics and Hedge Fund Researchers

Opalesque's first CAMPUS series features Melvyn Teo, Associate Professor of Finance at Singapore Management University. Teo is also Director of the BNP Paribas Hedge Fund Centre at the Singapore Management University. - April 15, 2010

Australia Roundtable Highlights Opportunities in Dramatically Growing Markets: Super Funds, Mezzanine, Retail

Australia has very mature wholesale and retail markets, which both offer unique opportunities for local and global hedge funds. With 9% of every person’s salary in Australia getting invested into a registered superannuation (pension) fund, the country has created one of the fastest growing asset pools worldwide. - March 28, 2010

Opalesque Roundtable: Japanese Hedge Fund Managers Upbeat on Outlook, 22 Funds Launched in 2009

The Opalesque Japan 2010 Roundtable is a detailed, 28-page report that captures the knowledge and insight of that country’s leading hedge fund managers through a candid discussion of Japan’s economy and its growing hedge fund industry. - March 10, 2010

Opalesque Launches "Legends and Leaders" Video Interview Series with Julian Robertson and Izzy Englander

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher focusing on alternative investments, has launched a video-based interview series on http://www.Opalesque.TV. The first of the “Legends and Leaders” interview zooms in on hedge fund titan Julian Robertson who shares his secrets... - February 03, 2010

New Opalesque Roundtable. Will London-Based Hedge Fund Managers Move to Switzerland?

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher on alternative investments, has released its new 2009 Opalesque U.K. Roundtable. In this 24-page document, the leading London-based hedge fund managers present at the Roundtable remain to the most part strongly committed to the U.K. as operational base, despite tax increases and tightened regulation. - October 15, 2009

Five Leading Daily Financial Publications Now Available as Podcast

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher on alternative investments, is now offering Podcast versions of five popular daily financial publications. Opalesque started to publish in 2003 and is now offering eleven focused news and research titles. - September 23, 2009

Carbon360° Hires Research Analyst from Citi Managed Futures

Carbon360°, an Opalesque Media Group company, has appointed Daniel Golyanov to the position of research analyst. Golyanov joins the Carbon360° research team from his previous position at Citi Managed Futures as a Fund Associate. Golyanov holds a Bachelor of Business Administration... - July 05, 2009

Opalesque Adds Eight Global Markets to Technical Research Coverage with Famed Chartist Greg Troccoli

The newly launched Technical Research Weekly Global Outlook publication adds another eight global markets to leading financial publisher Opalesque's Technical Research coverage. Opalesque Technical Research offers chart analysis with a global perspective on all major markets, including equity... - July 04, 2009

The End of the 5%: Hedge Funds Get Institutional Inflows Straight from Equity Portfolio, Managers Say

The 2009 New York Roundtable is the 19th issue of the popular Opalesque Roundtable Series, an unique catalog of intelligence on the global investment landscape. On 33 pages, the New York Roundtable delivers a detailed update on current issues and developments within the U.S. hedge fund industry. One of the foremost developments refers to fundamental changes in asset allocation of public and corporate pensions. - July 01, 2009

Opalesque Launches Islamic Finance Intelligence as Industry Faces Great Debates in a Number of Fronts

Opalesque has published the first issue of Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence, a free, monthly publication designed with a practitioner approach focusing on precise and relevant content for investors, product manufacturers, and fund managers of this truly global community. - June 25, 2009

Cayman Islands' "Tax Heaven" Discussion Politically Motivated? Expert Roundtable Says Offshore Jurisdictions Needed for Innovation, Efficiency.

The Cayman Islands are by far the largest offshore domicile for the establishment and administration of investment funds, the second largest offshore center for captive insurance and a significant banking and structured finance hub. A newly published Opalesque Roundtable examines on 29 pages what... - June 18, 2009

Japan: A Reality Check for Visiting Hedge Fund Managers

Opalesque has published the 2009 Opalesque Japan Roundtable, whose findings will surprise many financial professionals. In this 33-page Roundtable script, Japan-based investment veterans share how the financial crisis has changed investing in and asset raising from Japanese institutions. The new... - June 12, 2009

U.S West Coast Roundtable

This Roundtable deals with how hedge funds and start-ups can overcome their biggest challenge: securing seeding/funding, how to raise assets and how to "become institutional." Seasoned hedge fund investors and consultants offer in-depth, detailed advice and strategies how hedge funds and start-up can successfully address these issues and grow their business. The Opalesque West Coast Roundtable can be download from here: http://www.opalesque.com/RT/RoundtableSF.html - May 28, 2009

Opalesque Hong Kong Roundtable: Reverse Brain Drain from New York, London Boosts Asian Hedge Fund Industry

Asian hedge fund veterans said at a recent Opalesque Roundtable that looking back over the last 10 or 15 years "about all Asian investors at that time had absolutely no interest in hedge funds, in fact they thought they were very bad or illegal products." Then the Asian hedge fund... - May 20, 2009

Alexander Ineichen, Swiss Asset Managers Say Hedge Fund of Funds Not Done Yet

Alexander Ineichen, Managing Director and Senior Investment Officer, Alternative Investment Solutions, UBS Global Asset Management, voiced support for the hedge fund and the hedge fund of funds industry at a recent Opalesque Roundtable in Zurich. The Roundtable participants agreed with Ineichen's comment that the hedge fund of funds model remains "quite strong." - March 25, 2009

Opalesque Starts Premium Managed Futures Newsletter

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher in the alternative investments area, has launched Opalesque Futures Intelligence to meet the needs of the managed futures industry and investors. - February 13, 2009

Opalesque Unites Fusaro, Prof. Siry and Sona Blessing for Carbon Led Investing Webinar

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher on alternative investments, hosts a webinar with leading practitioners on carbon led investing, on Feb 11, 2009 16.00 Swiss time, 10.00 am (EST). - January 31, 2009

Opalesque Adds 100 New Seats to Realtime Active Trader Chat, the Longest Running, Exclusive Trading Community of U.S. Traders and Hedge Funds

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher covering alternative investments, has added 100 new seats to the realtime Active Trader Chat, the longest running trading community of market professionals, traders and hedge funds focusing on the U.S. markets. - December 18, 2008

South Africa Hedge Fund Managers Reveal How to Play the "Africa Story," Global Financial Industry Found at Inflexion Point

The whole financial industry has reached an inflexion point, at which all market participants are challenged to identify the new themes and new paradigms that will determine asset management and how to create returns going forward. - December 10, 2008

Opalesque Launches New International Key Publication on Islamic Finance

Opalesque, the world's largest subscription-based publisher covering alternative investments, has launched the Opalesque Islamic Finance Briefing as its eighth publication. This new, free publication is published daily and follows the popular Opalesque “Briefing” format, offering a quick and complete overview on growth, opportunities, products and approaches to Islamic Finance. - December 03, 2008

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