Queerbook.com and Queerbook.net Available for Acquisition

Advocate USA LLC, Offers Up Lucrative New Social Network Site to Gay or Lesbian Investors.

Las Vegas, NV, October 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The demands on Advocate USA have been great over the last few months and the number of projects has grown in size and scope. “Our plate is too full,” admits Rick Setter, President of Advocate USA LLC. “We are simply overwhelmed. Queerbook deserves to be developed by a company exclusively focused on Internet development efforts. We are not changing a pro-advocacy stance nor or we ignoring the impact the site has on marketplace. We simply don’t have the resources to develop Queerbook to its full potential at this time.”

Queerbook.com and Queerbook.net first made news in May 2009 when it was discovered the URL was receiving thousands of hits daily without marketing or advertising. “There are two driving factors to the URL’s traffic,” says Setter. “One. It is familiar in name to another major social networking site. Secondly, it is the preferred term for GLBT persons who don’t like the ‘alphabet soup’ of the current social minority and prefer the word queer.”

In addition to the URL’s, Queerbook offers extensive intellectual property, consumer research studies, Internet architectural design and a plan for beta launch. “We have financial projections showing potential profits at the three year mark of better than $10MM. However, the controlling owner has decided to focus on other pursuits and hopes to clear the project by 2010.”

Persons interested in Queerbook.com may write to info@advocateusa.net. Persons who are capable of marketing such a program are welcomed to contact info@advocateusa.net. A very aggressive compensation plan is in place.

Advocate USA
Reece Manley
Author direct at reece@manley.net.