Applicure Technologies Announces dotDefender™ 2.7 for IIS, with Enhanced User Experience

The new dotDefender™ version for IIS features a Log Viewer, enhanced User Experience and Advanced Customization Possibilities

Herzliya Pituach, Israel, September 27, 2006 --( Applicure Technologies ltd. announces dotDefender™ version 2.7 for IIS, a new release of its leading web application firewall. dotDefender is a software-based web application firewall deployed as a web server plug-in to identify and stop attacks attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in web applications to commit fraud or gain access to confidential information. This unmatched application firewall is now enhanced with friendly user experience and customization possibilities.

dotDefender™ Version 2.7 for IIS features friendlier GUI, a Log Viewer, and a new installation process. For seamless integration with IIS, dotDefender 2.7 now supports IIS Web Site Description. Additionally, the new version provides sophisticated customization options, such as redirection to honeypot, flexible rule settings, and improved security rules. dotDefender 2.7 supports IIS 5 and IIS 6.

David Allouch, CTO, commented: “Our aim in this version was to support a broader range of deployment scenarios and further improve the functionality and intuitiveness of the dotDefender™ user interface. The Log Viewer and other useful features help our users protect their websites from application attacks in an effortless and simple manner.”

As security products such as network firewalls and anti-virus become commonplace, hackers are turning to application vulnerabilities to attack websites. While network security concerns are widely known and protected against, application vulnerabilities are often ignored and websites are exposed to malicious use. The unique advantage of dotDefender is in providing a software-based solution that is flexible and cost-effective.
Yaacov Sherban, VP Marketing and Business Development, added: “We would like to thank our clients for their feedback and suggestions that were incorporated in this version. We are committed to learn from their experience and improve our products for their success.”

About dotDefender™
dotDefender is a software-based web application firewall deployed as a web server plug-in to identify and stop attacks that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. dotDefender complements the network firewall and other network security products by intercepting seemingly legitimate users attempting to use the web application to commit fraud, or gain access to valuable and confidential information.

About Applicure Technologies
Applicure Technologies Ltd creates software-based products for web application security and application compliance. At Applicure Technologies we believe that security and IT controls have to be cost effective and efficient so our customers are free to focus on their business goals. The main characteristics of our products are cutting-edge technology, simple roll-out and effortless maintenance – all at an affordable price.

The company was established in 2004 and has quickly gained reputation among market analysts and specialists. IT Week also recognized Applicure’s achievements and named it one of the Top 100 Vendors.
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