Self Help Turns to Christian Author for Authentication and Integration

Dallas, TX, October 21, 2009 --( Spirit Thinking Improves Christian Self Help Programs Current Offerings

Self Help authors such as Wayne Dyer and even Dr. Phil have attempted the bridge between self help secular wisdom and inspired Christian self help. A new author, Reece Manley, may have made the connection missed by others in his work Spirit Thinking: Your 30 Day Guide to Enlightenment.

“What Dr. Manley has done is to combine the effectiveness of cognitive theories with spiritual principles and, in my opinion, has brought about the first true Christian and spiritual self help programming,” says Craig Matthews, Ph.D. “As a secular counselor, I am impressed by the approach of Spirit Thinking and the results they are obtaining through the commission studies of TRI Consulting seem to bear out one simple fact: Christian self help is effective if done correctly.”

“What I tried to do with Spirit Thinking,” says Dr. Reece W. Manley, DD, M.Ed., MPM, “Is combine functional parts of cognitive psychology with spiritual principles in a way to bring about almost immediate effects on our thinking. Once thinking has been inspired, behavior quickly follows suit. While traditional psychologists are tied to the limitations of the human brain, I believe those working through a Christian self help or spiritual self help work are unlimited in their reserves to draw upon because the source of change is the Creator of us all.”

TRI Consulting has rated the approach of Spirit Thinking as being effective in initial results in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, addiction disorders and increasing self-esteem and a universal positive outlook. “Christian self help can now claim an effective tool in Spirit Thinking. Christian self help author Reece Manley seems to have the lead on the pack,” says Dr. Williams.

Spirit Thinking is based upon Dr. Reece W. Manley, DD, M.Ed., MPM’s Spirit Thinking: Your 30 Day Guide to Enlightenment which is widely available, including on A number of churches, including the United Church of Christ, and service organizations such as the YMCA are being offered the project for consideration in their ongoing development.

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