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New Optical Closure Range to Address Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Networks

The new products, named TECK, greatly improve Belconn's offer completeness in the field of New Generation Networks.

Turin, Italy, October 22, 2009 --( New Generation Networks (NGN) will gradually become popular in most developed and developing countries, and eventually fully replace existing copper based networks with modern, fast and powerful optical networks. Fibres will likely reach individual apartments (FTTH networks) offering customers the magic of voice, data and HD video with full interactivity support.

This job will require the deployment of millions of meters of fibre optical cables in metropolitan areas, as well the need to joint (technically speaking "to splice") optical fibres and to branch them toward subscribers.

With TECK products, Belconn is aiming at introducing on the market a reliable and effective solution to perform quality grade cable joints and branches in a typical FTTH environment.

"From the time we started this project" Belconn's spokeman said "we had three clear targets in mind: Usability, Reliability and Range; we do believe we hit them all".

Thanks to their unique "D shape" cross section design, TECK can smoothly manage an impressive number of optical fiber cables, significantly more than the average available in the marketplace. Moreover, TECK's splicing cassette solution gives the installation engineer effortless access to individual optical circuits, which is one of the most critical requirements in metropolitan optical networks.

TECK range includes 5 different closure size to deal with any installation requirements.

Belconn is a leading italian manufacturer of cables, connectors and accessories for the telecommunication and networking industry. Since 2006, Belconn's optical division has been focusing on the development of innovative solutions for FTTH networks.

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