Trilithic New Product: 8310 RSA Return Sweep Analyzer

Speed Troubleshooting and Maintenance with Fast High Resolution Sweep Analysis.

Indianapolis, IN, October 24, 2009 --( Trilithic, a leader in broadband test and measurement solutions introduces the new 8310 RSA Return Sweep Analyzer as part of their comprehensive maintenance system. Working with an 860 DSPi in the field, the new SpeedSweep System speeds troubleshooting and maintenance with fast, high resolution return sweep analysis and identifies micro-reflections, and narrow suck-outs.

The SpeedSweep system includes the 8300 FST, which generates a sweep stimulus for the downstream measurement; an 860 DSPi field analyzer with a sweep option FS-1, which receives the forward sweep and with SR-1 option transmits reverse sweep signals for upstream measurements; and the 8310 RSA, which receives the upstream sweep signal generated by the 860 and relays the measurement results back to the 860.

SpeedSweep System
The 8300 FST is an essential part of the system for comprehensive sweep capability in the 860 field analyzer family. The instrument is rack-mounted in the head-end and generates a sweep that steps around system carriers to avoid interference, filling in vacant spectrum areas for a complete view of the network frequency response. An 860 DSPi (with option FS-1) receives the sweep and – based on the measured sweep and system carrier levels – plots the frequency response. This response is compared to a stored reference to provide a difference display. With the goal of the network design being unity gain from amplifier output to amplifier output, the ideal response will be as flat as possible. The sweep test provides a measure of the RF transmission characteristics of the network between the transmitter and the receiver, and is used as a day-to-day maintenance tool for the RF portion of the HFC network.

The 8310 RSA continuously monitors the return path spectrum for sweep signals from 860 DSPi units in the field. The 8310 RSA measures return sweep signals and relays the received level information back to the 860 DSPi field analyzer that is generating them. The system provides an extremely fast high resolution sweep display, even with multiple users sweeping the return band.

The Trilithic SpeedSweep system provides sweep functionality with a minimal capital investment, putting the sweep troubleshooting/maintenance tool into the hands of more field technicians, and improving their ability to find problems quickly – in many cases before subscribers are affected. This leads to improved system reliability and shorter repair times.

The 8310 RSA along with Trilithic’s full complement Testing and measurement solutions will be available for demonstration at the Cable Tec Expo in Denver Co. October 28-29, 2009. For further information please visit them at


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