Storm Smart Industries Provides Governor's Office with Industry Insight

Fort Myers, FL, January 17, 2007 --( Recognized as the largest hurricane protection company in the State of Florida, Storm Smart Industries has spread its influence to Tallahassee. With the submission of a two-page manifesto, Company President, Brian Rist, has outlined a four-pronged solution which provides for both immediate and long-term relief of escalating windstorm insurance rates. “The burden is on us, as involved citizens of this great State, to find a solution palatable enough to lower homeowners insurance rates, provide insurers with less liability from major catastrophes, and not leave our State government holding the bag when the sky ultimately falls,” says Rist. He continues, “It is the social responsibility of those on the frontlines to find the answers we all so desperately need. The worst thing we can do is to let partisan politics interfere in a cause for the greater good.”

The four strategies of the manifesto are:

· We need to address our building codes and determine that new construction across the State of Florida will include approved hurricane protection products.
· We must recognize the dangers of building to internal pressure codes and amend all legislation to address total homeowner liability.
· Insurance companies must be given a mandate to provide significant discounts to those homeowners who protect every opening of their home, thus offsetting the costs of those hurricane protection products.
· Recognizing the burden our government carries in a post-storm environment, we call upon the government to become proactive in providing matching tax credits to those who purchase hurricane protection products.

While the State Senate and House are in Special Session this week, Storm Smart has submitted copies of the manifesto to members of the Florida House of Representatives, Florida State Senate, and the Executive Offices of the Governor.

Mission Statement
“Storm smart industries will consistently provide unmatched customer service while professionally manufacturing and installing state of the art hurricane protection products”

Storm Smart Industries
Trent Dunn