Japplis Releases an Online Photo Effects Tool

Japplis releases a free online application that previews photos with different effects.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Japplis has released Japplis Pastel Version 1.0, a new online photo editor.

Japplis Pastel uses a simple user interface to display the chosen photo with different effects. Users that want to apply effects to photos but don't know which effects to apply could use this application to have a preview of the photo with different effects. The user can then choose the photo(s) he wants to save. Japplis Pastel includes adding favorite effects and listing recently used effects.

In standard photo editors the user needs to know which effects to apply. Using Japplis Pastel could result in choosing effects different than the one the users had first in mind or saving the photo with more than one effect.

Japplis Pastel contains more than 80 effects including different black and whites, sepia, different frames, more colors, fade colors, 3D effects, mosaic or drawing.

Japplis Pastel runs for free online at http://pastel.japplis.com/

No registration is needed and the photos are not uploaded to a server.

Japplis Pastel works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Anthony Goubard
31 20 697 02 33