Moving Pictures Film and Television to Distribute Award Winning Cult Horror Sci-Fi "9909" as Its New Title "Infection: The Invasion Begins"

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Los Angeles, CA, November 01, 2009 --( "INFECTION: The Invasion Begins."

“The film evokes a host of impressive 1950’s forebears such as “It Came From Outer Space” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” with an obligatory not to 1968’s “Night of the Living Dead.” Variety.

“Fans of goofy monster movies should dig it, zombie fans should dig it, and for those who still tend to gravitated towards the old invasion films of the 50’s should definitely dig it. Don’t expect the pretty polish of Dimension’s newest teen-friendly fan favorite, or the star power to draw millions upon millions of viewers –rather, expect a fun, not-too serious flick with a sound story, fair dialogue and a few memorable scenes. 9.9.09 in short, is a worthwhile investment in respect to both time and money.” Fangoria.

“Wexler and Brewer make a damn fine team.” Fangoria.

“Keep an eye out for that name – Bryan Brewer.” Fangoria.

“…one of the better independent flicks I’ve received as of late.” Fangoria.

“9.9.09 is a fun, low-budget indie, deftly helmed by veteran cinematographer Howard Wexler.” Buzzine.

“How Much Do You Know About September 9, 2009?”

A mystery surrounds a small town that was wiped out on September 9, 2009. Set sixty years in the future, an old woman (Kelly Pendygraft), engages the help of a reporter (Mary Kate Schellhardt), to unlock the secret of a government conspiracy to cover up the events that took place on September 9th, 2009. An aged Sarah Prescott tells the story of that eventful day when a meteor crash landed near a small American town and unleashed alien life-forms that gradually infect all the town’s residents. The plot interweaves the discovery of the meteor with the reappearance of one of the town’s residents, Deke Evans, (Bryan Brewer), who has been incarcerated 10 years for a questionable murder. With the help of the local Sheriff, (Lochlyn Munro), the remaining survivors try to make sense of it all and discover the source of the infection.


Lochlyn Munro (Unforgiven, White Chicks, Daddy Day Camp), Bryan Brewer, Kelly Pendygraft (Elizabethtown), Brian Guest (The OC), David Jean Thomas (Fight Club, Star Trek), and Mary Kate Shellhardt.

A Cause Entertainment Production

Directed by Howard Wexler
Produced by Bryan Brewer, Mark Brewer, Howard Wexler
Executive Produced by Carol Landsburg
Screenplay by Bryan Brewer

Director-Producer Howard Wexler has over twenty years industry experience as a Hollywood cinematographer. 9909 is his second directorial feature. Cause Entertainment are brothers, Mark and Bryan Brewer.

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