First Virtual Global Summit Examining “New Models of Social Responsibility” Features Will Marre

Leadership expert, Will Marre, will share his new inside-out approach to CSR that focuses on empowering employees to create strategic sustainability.

New York, NY, November 04, 2009 --( Will Marre, leadership for strategic sustainability expert and author of Save the World and Still Be Home For Dinner (Capital Books), is among the 25 speakers at a virtual summit exploring social responsibility to be held on Nov. 5 and 9 (see Sponsored by Communitelligence and Cisco, attendees will be both inspired and enabled by best practices and views of top industry experts on social responsibility (see

As former president and co-founder of the Covey Leadership Center, Marre will present his unique approach to CSR, engaging all employees in a sustainable innovation process. He calls this Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) (see He states, “Leading companies are fostering cultures of individual responsibility and opportunity where employees are supported in finding their own ways of linking their personal strengths, skills and interests to causes they believe in.” He continues, “In the real world organizations are finding success by transforming a paternalistic paradigm of CSR into a launch pad for inspired employees to “save the world” right where they are.”

According to Marre, CSR and PSR are changing corporate cultures, engaging employees and creating new business growth opportunities. Marre asserts that this is because of the changing values of today’s workforce. He states, “The biggest single driver of employee commitment is meaningful work and today that means training employees to create value through strategic sustainability.” He cites Wal-Mart and Gap, Inc. as successful examples of turning a huge culture into a force for good.

“When employees are being encouraged to innovate new products, services, and processes that serve human and environmental goals,” state Marre, “they find deep meaning and satisfaction in their work and the enterprise grows in ways previously unimagined.”

To register for “New Models of Social Responsibility,” visit ( Any number of participants may attend with one registration. Registrations with sponsorships and small business and nonprofit discounts are also available. For information, call 480-816-5550.

About Will Marré:
Will is an Emmy Award-winning writer, speaker and coach. He is the co-founder and former president of the Covey Leadership Center (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and CEO of the REALeadership Alliance where he helps leaders identify, communicate and implement new socially strategic business models. Will has been a personal leadership coach and advisor to multi-billion dollar global companies such as Disney and Johnson & Johnson. For the past 10 years he has focused on making corporate social responsibility strategic. His book, Save the World and Still Be Home for Dinner will be released in fall 2009.

For more information on opportunities to have Will speak, please visit, or for more information on Will's consulting practice, please visit You can also follow Will on Twitter (@WillMarre) and Facebook.

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