Gaymar Introduces New Plexus® TruTurn® Mattresses for Lateral Rotation Therapy with Minimal Caregiver Exertion

New deep-cell, low air loss mattress supplies effective lateral rotation therapy for patients while reducing the physical demands on caregivers

Orchard Park, NY, November 04, 2009 --( Gaymar Industries, the leading global provider of medical solutions for pressure ulcer and temperature management, today announced the introduction of the Plexus® TruTurn® Therapeutic Mattress, a deep-cell, low air loss mattress designed to supply effective lateral rotation therapy for patients while reducing the physical demands on caregivers.

Available now, the Plexus TruTurn Mattress provides effective therapy for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers through independently controlled deep air cells configured in a unique modular design. Using Active Sensor Technology®, each cell continuously monitors the patient’s position and makes the adjustments needed to restore the optimal level of support, eliminating the need for hand checks and manual adjustments.

With the ability to turn patients up to 40 degrees, the Plexus TruTurn Mattress can be programmed to provide continual lateral rotation therapy that prevents and treats pressure ulcers, as well as helping to prevent complications associated with immobility. The mattress also offers low air loss to help prevent skin maceration by managing microclimate and wicking away moisture.

Studies have shown that 65 percent of orthopedic nurses and 58 percent of ICU nurses will develop debilitating back pain at some point in their careers. The Plexus TruTurn Mattress offers two innovative features to help caregivers provide the best care possible while minimizing the risk of back injury:

Turn Assist allows a single caregiver to easily reposition the patient for dressing changes, bathing, examination and other therapeutic and diagnostic tasks.

The exclusive Patient Access Zone™ (PAZ) allows caregivers to partially deflate the mattress below the patient’s buttock, simplifying patient ingress/egress and allowing the placement and removal of bed pans or X-ray cartridges. The PAZ also enables easier access to patients supported in the turned position

The Plexus TruTurn Mattress addresses a variety of high-acuity patient needs by providing optimal pressure redistribution combined with options for low air loss and patient turning, helping healthcare facilities reduce the need for rental products.

Adjustments to the Plexus TruTurn Mattress are made through an intuitive, easy-to-use external handheld controller that is designed to be conveniently stored or hung within reach. The new mattress also includes a three-inch foam base for additional support in the event of an extended power outage; a firm foam perimeter safety crib for lateral support; a head of bed sensor for patient safety; a sloped foot section to reduce heel pressure; and a quiet pump located under the mattress and out of the way of nursing care.

Available with either a Nylon, Deluxe four-way stretch, or Silver3® cover embedded with silver ions, the Plexus TruTurn Mattress fits any standard flat bed frame.

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Bob Chase, APR