Contemporary Poet Krissy Brady is on the Lookout for Identity

Tidal Wave Now Available Through Rain Publishing

Gravenhurst, ON, Canada, October 01, 2006 --( “What bothers me isn’t the lack of understanding people have had regarding my past decisions,” explains contemporary poet Krissy Brady, “But the lack of trying to understand that the decisions I have made have and will continue to work for me.”

Ignoring the stigma that often comes with taking time off after high school, Brady has been diligently working towards a solid writing career, and has been an active contributor to the industry as a whole. Through her writing, she hopes to help others decipher between what they really want as an individual, and society’s formula of what is considered to be the “normal” way of living.

“It’s too easy to concentrate on possessions when creating your identity,” says Brady. “Ironically, possessions aren’t what end up being important to most, and the realization is always a long time coming.”

Tidal Wave is Brady’s first poetry collection, and has been created to encourage natural self-expression—not necessarily through poetry, but through any means that will help a person feel whole. It is setup to represent each stage of the thought process—a process that is unintentionally avoided during the quest for material gain.

“It is possible to be just as lost as you are focused,” concludes Brady, “And there’s nothing wrong with that. While I do consider myself to be a fairly defined person, there are still times where I question my motives. The biggest part of compiling an identity is the lack of understanding, which keeps us curious and motivated to learn more.”

Tidal Wave is now available through Rain Publishing of Burlington. It can be ordered online at, or requested at your local bookstore.

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